Here’s your horoscope for Monday, August 8, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: You will enjoy harmonious moments with your partner. You no longer give importance to what is not good between you and your partner. Single, you are a winner. May your wishes finally come true.

Money at Work: You are on the front line to take responsibility and be on the ground. You cannot count your efforts or your time. Be quick to tackle projects that require the same tone and confidence.

Health: Your tone is the envy of you, but be careful, your liver may rebel!

Mood: The day is very busy.

Tip: Your determination and tenacity drive you to do more. Relax.


Love: You will finally understand the deep motivations of your partner and this will allow you to rectify the situation. You will listen and your attitude will contribute to the improvement of your relationship.

Work-Money: Last-minute matters may derail your plans. But you can come back if you give yourself the means. You should devote all your energy to a better organization.

Health: Temporary fatigue. Rest!

Mood: Nothing unusual.

Tip: Don’t try to be perfect. Only apply your attributes when necessary.


Love: Without a doubt, you have a sixth sense when it comes to pleasing the one you love! You will know what attitude to adopt or what gift to choose and all these attentions will make your loved ones happy. Single, you finally decided to take matters into your own hands!

Money at Work: If you are too fast, the method you are working on may fail. Take the time to analyze the situation carefully before taking action. The consequences can be dramatic for your morale. Don’t put off some financial discussions even if you don’t feel motivated.

Health: Work on flexibility, stretching.

Mood: It’s a beautiful day.

Advice: Above all, do not suddenly resume intensive sports. You have to go slowly.


Love: A good day where your form will pay off in the sentimental field. You can be playful and sensual, which will surely please your partner.

Work-Money: The professional sector is calm, but you can quickly solve something related to the spouse’s income. Don’t take it the wrong way if you get nothing in return.

Health: All is well. Smile of life!

Mood: It’s a beautiful day.

Tip: Don’t forget to change the air in your house. Remember to air the rooms daily.


Love: Whether you are single or not, there will be changes in your love life. The family atmosphere can be tense. Arguments pit you against your partner. Single, you have a thunderous sex appeal and you use it very skillfully.

Work-Money: Do not start a real estate project, a priori doubtful. Wait for a more favorable time. It is with fierce determination that you begin to work. Your pace may be faster than usual.

Health: You may suffer from transient insomnia. You have so many things on your mind and your mind is always on the alert.

Mood: Caution is in order.

Tip: Trust your intuition and don’t give in to pressure from your environment.


Love: There are conflicts to be feared but you can easily find a tender relationship with your loved one if you put your mind to it. On a friendly level, you will feel surrounded and understood.

Work-Money: Your head in the air! Write down your important appointments carefully. You can be forgiven for a mistake or two, but if it happens too often, you risk finding yourself in an ejection seat.

Health: Everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about at this level.

Mood: A very ordinary day.

Tip: If you’re already thinking about your next vacation destination, start saving money.


Love: If you’re in a wandering mood, get away for a while, it’ll do you good. No one can blame you for taking time for yourself. A few hours of freedom will do you the most good. Family life is very demanding and you often invest yourself completely. If you are single, you will feel the need to get out of your daily grind. It’s not about meeting people but about expanding your horizons.

Money at Work: You can use your gifts as you wish, everything works for you now. At work, your colleagues will appreciate your good humor and availability. Your finances will increase, don’t miss the opportunity to make a good investment in the coming days. The balance of your budget is stable.

Health: Your motivation will increase. You may feel some body aches if you have just returned to sport. Don’t give up, but remember to warm up well so you don’t have muscle problems.

Mood: You have the support of the stars.

Tip: Don’t put unnecessary obstacles on yourself. Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities.


Love: Love life is highly influenced; but the deal gets better if you put more of yours into it. Your partner is in the same mood as you. Single, this is a time that promises to be promising in terms of love.

Work-Money: More work or difficult relations with your superiors are expected. You can be efficient, but also a little authoritarian for the taste of your professional colleagues.

Health: Your tone will increase. Treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation.

Mood: Not everything can be perfect.

Advice: Leave your little professional worries at your door, you’ll find them tomorrow!


Love: You will be tempted to engulf yourself in the maze of love. But are you sure that’s what you want? Is your loved one really worth the risk of losing your way?

Work-Money: It is well known, “the slime of a toad cannot reach a white dove”. Gossip going around right and left has little chance of reaching you. You are above all.

Health: Good overall.

Mood: Nothing new.

Tip: To avoid back problems, stand as straight as possible and engage your core muscles.


Love: For some time now, your demands have angered those around you. This leads to discussions that are likely to end in arguments. However, this is a good time to start for you. The climate will be a very clear improvement in your emotional relationships.

Work Money: The astral climate will favor all your professional work. You are right to be ambitious. However, don’t do anything that damages your reputation or your job security, and withdraw from projects that seem doomed at first.

Health: Avoid stimulants! Thus you will not be easily affected by stress and anxiety related diseases. You need to decompress.

Mood: Minor irritations are possible.

Tip: You have to realize that you are still strong. Release the pressure!


Love: Single, your usual peace may be tested and you risk yourself succumbing to some anxiety. Don’t be discouraged! You will overcome this difficult time. As a couple, the routine that is set allows you to breathe and that suits you best.

Money at Work: In the course of your work, you may find yourself in a complicated situation. Use the bright side and take advantage of the opportunity to prove your worth. You will grow from it. Luck will be with you in the material field, you may not win the jackpot but a good surprise is possible.

Health: Take vitamins when you feel low on energy. You are in a period where you need maximum energy so don’t waste it.

Mood: Nothing happens as you expect.

Tip: The ideal way to put your small worries in perspective is to look around you. You will see someone more unhappy than you.


Love: Good time in outlook. Your courage will set the course of your relationship, you will be greatly inspired by your common hobbies. Your partner will be the most sensual. Single, a passionate climate will awaken your feelings.

Money at Work: No need to talk to you about work in any form. Your mind is somewhere else. Last minute changes can wreak havoc on your schedule. But in the long term, you will benefit from it!

Health: You will be overflowing with vitality. It must be channeled. Don’t hesitate to question some of your habits.

Mood: The day is very dynamic.

Advice: If you are not on vacation, it is better to try to concentrate.

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