What are the best dog life jackets in 2022?

You don’t often think about buying a life jacket for your dog. However, if you plan to take your doggie for a bath, this is an essential accessory for his safety! Zoom in on the most efficient dog life jackets.

Whether it is to stabilize a dog in a river where there is content, to help it stay afloat or to prevent it from tiring easily, a dog flotation vest has many uses. It is a light and comfortable accessory to wear, which does not interfere with the dog’s movements. There are life jackets in all sizes, and they are easy to adjust according to the circumference of the animal’s stomach and neck. If possible, take your dog to the store with you to try it out! Are you planning to go boating with your dog this summer? Buy now the life jacket that will save his life in the event of a sudden fall into the water. We have selected several models of life jackets to help you choose.


  1. The funniest
  2. The most comfortable
  3. The most ergonomic
  4. Good value for money

The Fonlam dog safety vest, with shark fin

This comfortable dog rescue harness is intended for small pets. Available in several colors, it has a fun shark fin on top. The vest offers excellent buoyancy, allowing your pooch to enjoy swimming in complete safety. In addition, made of Oxford cloth, it is very durable and resists scratches and bites. To clean this lifejacket, you will need a sponge soaked in soapy water. Let it air dry after each use.

The Sild dog life jacket, dries quickly

Easy to adjust around your pooch’s body, this dog safety vest closes with Velcro straps and quick release buckles. This allows the animal to stay above the water, but also protects its skin against UV rays. The vest is made of light mesh fiber in the stomach area, which dries very quickly. The rest of the jacket is made of polyester, a waterproof material that can be easily cleaned with a sponge. This vest is attached to the neck and abdomen.

The EzyDog dog flotation vest, with its integrated handle

This dog safety vest is especially effective because it has 50% more floating padding than conventional models. In addition, it includes a handle on the top, which allows you to lift your dog in case of problems or to help him swim. In addition, this dog protection vest in size S has a fluorescent color, which is visible in the dark. You can’t forget your doggie! Finally, it is an ergonomic jacket that is easy to adjust thanks to its adjustable straps.

The ThinkPet dog life jacket is lightweight and breathable

This dog safety vest is made of a material that is very light, comfortable and breathable. It wicks away sweat while acting like a second skin. Your pet won’t even smell! Fully padded, it has no false seams that can irritate the skin. To adjust it to your pet, you need to adjust the neck and belly straps. It is attached using a hook-and-loop system and quick-release buckles. A little extra: this vest is available in many colors.

Why buy a dog life jacket?

A dog safety vest keeps the doggie on top while he enjoys a good swim. Even if your pet can swim, you never know what will happen! For example, if the dog accidentally falls into the water, he may begin to panic and not be able to swim to reach the shore. Equipped with a flotation vest, there is no risk of drowning!

In addition, this type of protective vest for dogs strengthens the animal. When there are very strong currents, the vest therefore allows the dogs to swim in the right direction, without much effort. In addition, the animal does not get tired very easily.

Finally, since dog life jackets usually have a handle on top, they are the ideal solution for catching your pet if he accidentally falls into the water. In fact, it is difficult to pick up a wet dog without an attachment point!

How to choose a dog life jacket?

The size is the most important criterion when choosing to buy a life jacket for the dog. There are jackets for all dog breeds, from chihuahuas to dobermans. Choosing the right size vest is extremely important, because your dog’s life is at stake. If the vest is too big, the animal may lose it while swimming. On the contrary, if it is too small, it interferes with the dog’s movements and interferes with his breathing.

Also choose a life jacket with excellent buoyancy. Choose a model reinforced with floating foam. If there is a small system under the neck, which allows the dog’s muzzle to be raised, that is a plus!

Finally, make sure you can easily adjust the straps to your pooch’s morphology. They must remain intact throughout the swim.

What are the different types of dog life jackets?

There are different forms of dog safety vests. Some have padding around the neck, so the animal can put its mouth on it. In fact, dogs cool down by opening their mouths and therefore risk drinking from the cup while swimming! No risk with a padded vest to raise the truffle.

There are also full fluorescent life jackets, while others just sport reflective strips and seams. This makes the dog clearly visible from a distance.

In addition, some dog protective jackets have a ring on the top to attach a leash.

Finally, there are vests that offer multiple uses: flotation vest but also waterproof coat to protect the doggie from the cold during walks.

Are dog life jackets suitable for all dog breeds?

There are real life jackets for all breeds of dogs. Of course, you should choose one for your doggie according to its size! For example, a protective jacket intended for a Yorkie is not suitable for a Labrador.

That’s why there are life jackets in size XS, size S, size M and size L. Size XS is suitable for small dogs like Yorkie, size S is poodle or shepherd size in shetland. Like size M, it’s great for a cocker spaniel. Finally, size L is good for a German Shepherd.

Check from time to time that your pooch’s life jacket still fits. Some dogs may be overweight but it is not visible because they have thick fur. On the other hand, the harness can be tighter, creating discomfort. If you are not careful, rubbing can hurt your overweight pet in the armpit area.

How to maintain a dog’s life jacket?

It is important to clean your dog’s lifejacket after every outing, whether in the sea or the river. It reduces corrosion from sea salt, chlorine and UV rays. Also make sure there are no tears!

Wash the vest after each use, using a damp sponge or a jet of water. Also use a mold remover to remove any molds from the equipment.

Finally, dry the vest in the open air, without placing it in direct sunlight.

Don’t hesitate to have your dog’s life jacket checked by a professional every year or two.

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