The boom in “love rooms”, these naughty rooms that couples love

In the heart of the peaceful village of Maing is hidden one of the best bed and breakfasts in Valenciennes. The entrance is through a smart alley, not visible from the street. A code and a key box allow customers to enter this area like no other. The owner of the place, who calls himself “Malefik”, a sparkling forties, manager of a hairdressing salon in Valenciennes, never meets his guests. A way to guarantee their anonymity and privacy. As you can understand, long-term couples and extra-marital couples enjoy this well-decorated gîte.

Lots of accessories

Nothing is left to chance: home fragrance, music, accessories… everything is ready. Upon opening the door, customers plunge into a universe impossible to imagine from the outside… On the walls painted with black glittering candles that Malefik spends lighting before each arrival. In front of the front door, the Saint-André cross sets the tone, as do the accessories sold on a shelf (sex toys, bodysuits, massage oils). On the left: a whirlpool bath, a bar area and a small lounge decorated with the “69” board game. Right: the sad room, decorated with mirrors on the sides and on the ceiling, and on the bed, handcuffs, nipple shield, blindfold and another whip await the couple.

The Malefik suite at Maing has been a hit since it opened last May. Almost all reservations are made through the Facebook page of this chic and naughty guesthouse.

The “50 shades of Grey” effect

This “SM soft” universe – ” I don’t want something dirty or difficult, I don’t know about it, it’s not my universe – Malefik imagined this many years ago when the confusing saga came out: 50 Shades of Grey. Around this time, in 2015, “love rooms” began to appear. The young woman bought a property in Maing, which also included an adjacent studio. When the tenant left the place, Malefik seized the opportunity to make his dream come true. “The Malefik Suite” opens in May. From then on, it was literally madness. ” I knew it would be popular, but I didn’t expect it to be so successful! I’m super happy and proud of this! »revealed the owner with a devastating smile who, obviously, answered a real request.

“I sell people’s happiness”

Weeks follow each other with four or five weekly reservations on average, overnight (7 pm to 11 am) or afternoon (1:30 pm to 5 pm), weekdays or weekends. You have to keep up the pace, do the homework, check the reservations… A perfectionist, Malefik makes sure his top-of-the-range guesthouse is top notch. An effort rewarded with glowing feedback from customers. Many thanked the young woman for allowing them to ” meet“,” self discovery“. ” It’s like I’m selling people happiness“, rejoices the one who blossoms completely and who fully owns his activity, despite the often surprised and skeptical acceptance of those around him. ” They thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care. We have a lot of problems talking about sex but it’s normal, it’s part of life and it concerns everyone. It’s great when people love each other.

The atmosphere of the “Red room” in Douchy, where the success is that the second room of this type is about to open next door.

The SM universe is soft

This success is also that of Alexandre, a multi-entrepreneur from Douchy-les-Mines. In the summer of 2020, he launched his first ” sexy themed room” , Avenue of the Republic. Two years later, a second is about to open in mid-August, just next door. ” Even if it means renting a classic hotel room, or a standard Airbnb room, you can also book an unusual place, which will make you imagine and dream, right?“, he asked to better explain this success. SM’s “sexy red room”, chic, romantic and soft fashion, was praised ” systematic way “on Friday and Saturday, and” three to four times a week“, he said. Whose ? ” 90% of them are couples, for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, wedding nights… There are some illegitimate couples, sometimes two couples, but neither more nor less than hotels. “And, specified Alexandre,” 80% of reservations are made by women. »

To a franchise network?

It is not unusual, moreover, for the latter to dig into the various options offered for the “red room”: champagne, roses, sex toy kits, catered meals, shooting… ” There is this desire to make the moment magical” , he thought. Even in Douchy, which is not the most attractive or touristy of the small towns? ” The proof, it works, it comes from around 100 km around and many Belgians too. Douchy is well located and very well served by the motorway network. “The place doesn’t matter, as long as the atmosphere is “cocooning” and “the unforgettable moment”, after all. Alexandre’s second “love room” will be wider (60 m2), more “black”, because it is tinted with black and gold, and equipped with sexier accessories. ” I plan to create a franchise network for the red room, to export my concept throughout France, because I have many requests in this direction.“, concluded the businessman. It is enough to give ideas (and a bit of motivation!) to the owners of small rooms for rent.

If the love rooms in Maing and Douchy are directed towards sex, other rooms - like here in Valenciennes - are more romantic.
If the love rooms of Maing and Douchy are the most clearly oriented towards sex, other rooms – like the one above, located on the Place du Neuf Bourg in Valenciennes – offer a more romantic offer, based on the jacuzzi and petals of roses. However, David, the owner, offers optional love boxes for €49, which contain a mask, games, gel and some small sex toys. Many couples fall for this unhealthy supplement.

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