Sweet Jesus! Catholic Church Accepts Crypto Donations

Catholic worshipers in the United States can now donate cryptocurrency to support their church’s activities. But what is the Vatican’s position on digital currencies?

While most religions are thousands of years old with a lot of old nonsense, one archdiocese (a sector where the archbishop is responsible) is showing it’s modernity when it comes to giving. He adopted a new asset class by partnering with Engiven, a cryptocurrency donation platform.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC will use the funds raised to expand its ministries and strengthen its digital stewardship initiatives.

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Catholics around the world do not share the same opinion on the moral approach to using cryptocurrencies. Some religions, such as Islam, endorse the use of certain cryptos such as the Islamic Coin.

According to the National Catholic Register, the Vatican does not comment on the use of cryptocurrencies: “No kind of official moral assessment or guidance is given by any curial office.”

Some observers say, however, that the first crypto investors became very rich without work: in poverty. And according to them, it is unfair.

Some Catholics believe that cryptocurrencies can actually solve many of the problems of the poor. on Thank God for Bitcoin, author JM Bush argues that the US financial system “is likely to introduce new money into the system of wants, which will manipulate the value of money and potentially distort the relationship between the work done by people and the wealth they own”. As many critics have pointed out, this type of inflationary monetary policy has the greatest negative impact on the lower classes, who have more of their wealth tied up in money, as opposed to more assets. stable like land and capital.

The author of this writing first bought BTC in 2017. According to him, crypto “takes money management out of the hands of a privileged few, establishing an irreversible system that forces all participants to play by its rules and adapt to them, rather than leave it to their own will.”

Vatican Art and its NFTs

That said, the Vatican is no stranger to all things Web3. In fact, Vatican art will soon be found even in the metaverse in the form of an NFT gallery, with the VR company Sensorium responsible for creating this virtual world at Humanity2-0.org. You can see there, among others, the works of Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Picasso, Gauguin and Raphael.

Crypto Donations to the Catholic Church

Joseph Gillmer is the executive director of development for the Archdiocese of Washington. On this theme, he said, “The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC seeks to use technology to engage parishioners in new and exciting ways to empower the faithful to fulfill the mission of the Church. , which is to spread the light of the Church. gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Engiven helps us fulfill the Church’s mission by providing an advanced yet easy-to-use cryptocurrency donation platform, giving congregants the flexibility to support over 300 parishes, schools, and ministries in general. in the Washington, DC area”.

On stage, the Church offers several donation options; a “menu of ministries”. For example, there are initiatives like the community food security program.

James Lawrence, CEO of Engiven, said, “The Engiven platform is designed to enable enterprise-scale crypto donation solutions for these exact types of implementations…”

Engiven says its technologies “enable government departments and non-profits to securely accept and liquidate cryptocurrency donations while eliminating the complexity and risk associated with crypto transactions.”

So what exactly is the Vatican’s stance on cryptocurrencies? It remains unknown for now, it seems.


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