Roblox Guacathon 2022 Honors Parkland Shooting Victim

Although Roblox fan Joaquin “Guac” Oliver passed away in 2018, he continues to be an inspiration in the fight for gun control reform in America. A victim of the mass shooting at Parkland High School that claimed 17 lives and injured 17 others, his loved ones are now ready to honor his legacy by celebrating with purpose in the metaverse. “Guacathon,” which launched Aug. 4 on Roblox, celebrates the young man’s 22nd birthday and features musical performances by rapper Denzel Curry, interactive artwork by legendary street artist Shepard Fairey, and others.

Joaquin’s family and friends celebrated the first Guacathon in 2020, and the event has since become an annual tradition. Now, to raise awareness about school shootings and encourage more people to get involved in gun control activism, they created a Roblox party to share their loved one’s legacy with the world. At the request of his family, Joaquin’s avatar is to appear in the event as part of the festival.

“We don’t get a minute of silence. We’re partying,” Joaquin’s mother, Patricia Oliver, said in a news release. “I am thankful for the metaverse, because there is a place where my son can help people connect and share his life. I want his peers to enjoy a party in his honor and make friends in his metaverse self.

Patricia, along with Joaquin’s father, Manuel Oliver, are strong supporters of creative youth activism and common sense gun laws. As part of their outreach efforts, they founded Change the Ref, an organization dedicated to educating others about the realities of mass shootings. Using art, advocacy, and leadership as tools, the organization seeks to reduce the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in America’s gun control efforts.

The Guacathon featured a metaverse performance by Miami-based recording artist MC Denzel Curry, who has worked with artists such as T-Pain and Rick Ross and recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“There is so much gun abuse in the United States that has taken so many lives, I have lost so many friends and family to gun violence,” Curry said in the event’s press release. “Today is not a sad day for Joaquin’s family… today is the day we fully celebrate Joaquin’s life to show that his legacy will never be forgotten and that we still have better days ahead. . »

The legendary street artist Shepard Fairey, best known for his depictions of the Obey Giant and Barak Obama’s “Hope” campaigns, is set to unveil a new photo of Joaquin, marking the first Fairey’s interactive experience on Roblox.

“I see how art changes the conversation and brings us together in politically and culturally meaningful ways,” Fairey said in a press release. “I can’t wait to see this same thing play out in the metaverse and see if we can start a new conversation about gun safety and the youth-driven violence that is so often affected. ” »

Guacathon also features mini games in the context of street art and basketball, which will also unlock tokens that Robloxians can use to unlock digital avatar items. Proceeds from in-game sales will benefit Change the Ref.

Developed by MELON, a studio focused on creating metaverse experiences for customers across the entertainment and media landscape, the experience will launch on August 4. weekend time.

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