Opinion and review of the Flèche Love concert on December 21, 2019, Club Transbo

In this last week before the end of the year celebrations, Saturday December 21, the Mediatone association offers an exclusive female set with three artists with assertive styles. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend Tracy De Sa and Romane Santarelli’s stage performances. It was only around 9:50 in the evening when we got to the Transbordeur. Despite the late hour, we tried to park next to the room which, to our surprise, had many free spaces. We quickly reached the Trans Club, we just had time when no one turned off the lights. The public scattered around the room approached the stage shyly and applauded the entrance of the Love Arrow and its two musicians.

Love Arrowaka Amina Cadelli, known for being a singer and lyricist in the electro collective Kadebostany whom he left in 2015, who especially wrote the famous title “Castle in the Snow”. From now on, alone at the controls, he is accompanied by musicians, tonight there are two of them, a drummer and a keyboardist, hidden behind a mask that shows no emotion but it adds an extra that touch of the mystical atmosphere that reigns. years. song.

Love Arrow have a very assertive personality and are part of this new generation of people who claim a “Queer” identity, that is to say who consider themselves genderless, neither masculine nor feminine, but who identify themselves as a being that goes against the structural rules of the social model and who refuse to be labeled according to their sexual orientation, their identity or their gender.

Convictions that the young singer shows in his songs. Committed, Flèche Love explores themes close to her heart such as feminism or the environment and honors in her songs personalities she admires and who participate in the feminist cause such as Camille Claudel, Kurt Gödel , Andre Lord or Reyhameh Jabbari. Fed by his studies in ethnology and religious science, he also draws from Greek and Japanese mythology, shamanism or Sufism to bring us to his mysterious and spiritual universe full of goodness.

Symbols and beliefs that can be admired on his body covered in aesthetic and above all protective tattoos, inspired by many cultures, such as the one who covers his throat to protect his voice. So it is in the context of abundance and generosity that Flèche Love brings us tonight. With his soft, deep and strong voice, he made the room feel as if it literally fell under his spell and his artistic, magnetic and aesthetic choreographies. Flèche Love offers us a journey between East and West where electro pop mixes with hip hop, soul, jazz or Andalusian sounds. A powerful and innovative music with tribal, Hispanic and oriental influences.

All through the night, Love Arrow interacts with the public by sometimes giving us the meaning and the genesis of some of the songs he interprets for us. His song “Umusuma”, was done in collaboration with ron, named after a Japanese word meaning return to the womb. A kind of rebirth. “Mantra” is a song made up of phrases that he repeats to himself to feel better and he hopes that the latter will also give us the benefit that he feels. According to him, we all have potential that we must believe in.

Explanations continue with the title “Sisters”, which talks about the unity between people and especially between women, “We Are Sisters” or the song “True Love”, which evokes spirituality and unconditional love. In English, Spanish, French or Arabic, Flèche Love captivates us. He was able to pass his goodness on to us. He shares his songs with great passion and enthusiasm. She brought her songs fully to life and seemed to succeed in conveying to a good part of the public her conviction which consists in thinking that we all have potential in us and that we are all “Sisters” united. Flèche Love, a charming, attractive, paradoxical artist, full of surprises and generous to discover in concert or by listening to his sublime album “Naga Part.1”.

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