In Seine-et-Marne, a couple pays for a dog they can’t see

Responding to an ad on Facebook, this family was scammed. The trick is more and more common in networks. © DR

Véronique and her husband thought they were helping a mother. On July 15, 2022, this couple living in Ferrières-en-Brie, responded to an ad on Facebook. A favorite of Marie Anaïs give his Miniature Spitz, a small ball of white wool, which usually fetches more than a thousand euros. This is actually a cunningwhich is becoming more common.

“My husband loves animals. We have a dog, he has brought wounded birds… If I listen to him, we SPA! “, explained Véronique, who also got angry when she saw the photos of the little dog. The post that ran in a local group, was full of good feelings:

Marie Anaïs is thus looking for a “host family” that can create a “small place in (her) house and in (her) heart for her princess”. All this, emphasizes that adoption is free.

Gain sympathy from the victims

The first messages exchanged privately are in the same tone. The alleged young woman explained that because of her grandson’s hospitalization, in Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), she no longer has time to take care of “her baby”. He wants “a good family, who can take care of him”, preferably in his place of origin – he will live in Noisy-le-Grand – so he can go and see little Poupy “when he comes back”.

What attracted the couple: “I feel sad for her, I want to help her”, assured Véronique’s husband.

To make the urgency of the donation believable, fraudsters invent a sob story.
To make the urgency of the donation believable, fraudsters invent a sob story. © DR

The trap closes, the exchanges follow one another: “At a distance, he offers passes through a carrierGo Transport Animal Express “, says Véronique. Apparently, the journey pays off: the Ferrièreroise family must continue 160 € of Transcash ticket. And even though the carrier’s site was down, calls received from someone pretending to be an employee quelled the family’s doubts.

The dog never came, despite the sums advanced

Then very quickly, more money is needed: “On the pretext that a special cage is needed, it is 480 € ! “, choked Véronique. Being dangerous for health reasons, the family could not improve the amount: “He told us that we could share the costs”. 160 € leave again of Transcash ticket. But this time, their colleagues claimed that the ticket was invalid. ”

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It’s too much. I checked the ticket, it was fine. I was too naive ”, lamented Véronique who found herself to end her month. I want to call that so as not to mislead others. We filed a complaint and reported the post about the group.

One post we found though in many groups… In Ain, Gironde, Paris and Périgueux (Dordogne), always the same photos, the same message and the same Anaïs Marie posted between July 13 and 25. These fake accounts flood the social networks . And the stories the victims tell often it’s the same.

A more common scam

Scams are on the rise of this type circulates in networks where scammers migrate after emails or platforms like Le Bon Coin. The national police regularly publishes alert messages because few investigations are successful.

To see them, first watch out for great opportunities. Few purebred pet owners choose to give it up. Spelling errors can also alert you, as well as the impossibility of leaving comments under the publication or even paying through Transcash or PCS. These transactions are not traceable.

Last point to check: the account profile. Here, the name shown is Anaïs Marie but the account address indicates another name.

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