Contents of Trégor on Thursday August 4: he received a love letter 25 years ago!

“Receiving this kind of letter more than 25 years ago…”, Yannick still couldn’t believe it. ©Chloé Ragueneau

Around Lannion. He received a love letter 25 years later!

In Trégastel, Yannick, at the age of sixty, still can’t believe it: he received a love letter written to him in 1996 by his ex-fiancée, lost sight of in 1971. Explanations.

Ploubezre. Ruined road: the municipality condemned to pay for its shock absorbers

Erwann HIREL
Noëlle Favereau: “It made a big bling and I turned around, I couldn’t drive anymore”. ©Le Tregor

Since the road showed a “normal lack of maintenance”, a resident of Ploubezre obtained legal compensation for the shock absorbers he had to replace.

Lannion. First green wood festival from August 10 to 13

Making one or more things with your hands is what the Kopoyo association offers this summer with a green wood festival that will take place from August 10 to 13.

Perros-Guirec. Three new shops in the city centre

Erwann HIREL
Gwinizh Du (buckwheat) creperie opened in the city center. Clément Meslin surrounded by Camille and Maden providing room service. ©Le Tregor

In downtown Perros-Guirec, commercial activity is booming. On the catering side, Gwinizh creperie sets its bills. After the personal textiles of Ty Sweat Breizh, Emmanuelle Bernard opened her decoration store, Maison Majuha.

Trebeurden. Speed ​​and smooth flow do not mix

Erwann HIREL
The municipality has committed to demanding a speed limit of 50 km/h at Toëno bend. ©Marie-José Mignot

After an urban walk and a meeting with environmental associations, the study companies presented different hypotheses for the development of soft routes from Goas Treiz to Penvern.

Tourism. Snails share their homes

Erwann HIREL
Steve Troley, here in the wooden yurt, launched a Kengo kitty to complete his project. ©Pascale Le Roux

In Tonquédec, at Chapeau l’escargot, not only gastropods have the right to have a house on their back. The organic snail farm wants to promote rural tourism by creating unusual farm accommodation. Back to green.

Plastine. A Ukrainian family lives in a “wooden house” in Saint-Efflam

Erwann HIREL
Abicyclette Voyages lent two electric bikes to Tatiana and her two daughters. ©Jean-Paul Leclercq

A Ukrainian family consisting of Tatiana, the mother, and her two daughters, Anastasia (20) and Maria (12), had to leave Odessa amid the turmoil. Since mid-June, he has remained in the wooden house with an uncertain future in Saint-Efflam.

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Plougrecant. Pierrette, 65 years of vacation in Beg Vilin

Erwann HIREL
Françoise (another former camper), Lydie (Pierre’s sister), Anaïs (great niece), Nathalie (cousin) and Pierrette. ©Hélène Mugnier

On pitch 79 at the Beg Vilin campsite in Plougrescant, Pierrette returned. Like every year since the creation of the campsite.

Penvenan. Eric fixed two tires at home

Erwann HIREL
Éric restores a bicycle in 1965. ©Hélène Mugnier

Former high-level trampoline athlete, cinema and theater stuntman for 30 years, acrobatics teacher and young retiree, Éric Blois from Penvénanais rediscovered his childhood loves by becoming a repairman on two wheels.

Solo sailor Yann Quenet was welcomed as a hero in Trébeurden

Erwann HIREL
Yann Quenet, built his 4m mini boat in his garage and sailed it around the world. ©Marie-José Mignot

Tuesday July 2, around 3:30 pm, in Trébeurden, a dozen boats and motor boats went to meet Yann Quenet, a solo sailor, who circumnavigated the world in 3 year in a nutshell.

And :
legacy : the Agglo search for the Pays d’art et d’histoire label.

Lannion : a cyclist killed by Beg Léguer, the prison driver.

Lannion : deprived of the Internet, Plougrescantais invests in the Orange shop.
Lannion : Louna, world twirling champion.
Lannion : Commander Kerdraon leaves the police station.
Lannion : author Phanie Rivel-Rivet is preparing a new play.

Lannion : free visit to churches.
Ploubezre : footbridge that crosses the stream.
Perros-Guirec : the Transplage Thursday August 11th.
Perros-Guirec : Pors Kamor slipway will soon be operational.
Trebeurden : back to Lan Kerellec Tennis Club Grand Prix.
Trevou-Treguignec : successful return for Chausse Tes Tongs.
Plestin-les-Greves : more than 2,000 visitors to the show.
Locquirec : Caroline Sulzer published a collection of short stories.
Locquirec : the municipality promotes “slow tourism”.
Pluzunet : from field to screen at Kerledern farm.
Plounevez-Moedec : Brittany championship in strong games on Sunday.
Treguier: third generation of crêperie Le Martray.
Cavan: Ouessant sheep for the Ru valley.
kind : the president of TCAL has resigned.
Pedernec : Valentin in the French model aircraft championship.
Pedernec : MBS prepares for the season.

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