CBI signs a strategic partnership agreement with Chain Games, publisher of Skill-Based and Play-to-Earn games

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​​​​​​​INDUSTRIES has announced that it has entered into partnership agreements with Chain Games, publisher of Skill-Based games (games where players pay an entry fee to play against other players to win prizes based on their performance) and Play-to-Earn (games where part of the income is allocated between players according to their respective levels) on the blockchain.
The agreements are related to many aspects, the main one is the creation of spaces dedicated to these games and the development of AlphaVerse content, with a license fee of 2 million US dollars for the benefit of CBI ; a 5-year blockchain business development advisory agreement where Chain Games will receive 1.5 million CBI shares; and various terms that allow CBI to acquire up to 2.5% of the capital of Chain Games by December 31, 2022.

The first part concerns AlphaVerse’s development of universes, games and content dedicated to Skill-Based and Play-to-Earn games. Chain Games acquired the virtual space of the AlphaVerse hub by remitting a $2M payment in Chain Games tokens to CBI. This virtual space (Arena), is located in the Hub, the central point of the AlphaVerse, and is available to everyone. This Arena is mainly dedicated to skill-based and play-to-earn games and NFTs from the Chain Games catalog. Chain Games will also create its own universe dedicated to larger Skill-Based and Play-to-Earn games. This universe will be linked to the central AlphaVerse Hub and will mainly offer content owned by Chain Games and NFT licensees. In these virtual spaces, revenue is split between CBI and Chain Games based on where the players come from.

For the second part of this partnership, the parties agreed on a consulting contract focused on business development. CBI intends to rely on the expertise and network of Chain Games to promote the development of the blockchain ecosystem. The 5-year action plan specifically provides for the identification and organization of meetings with potential partners and in particular: development studios, marketing specialists, strategic partners. For this consulting deal, Chain Games will receive 1.5 million CBI shares and CRYSTAL token, the AlphaVerse cryptocurrency.

Finally, until December 31, 2022, the CBI also has an option that allows it to acquire up to 2.5% of the capital of Chain Games, based on a valuation of Chain Games to be explained. The agreement also provides for various cases that may lead to equity participation on the same basis until December 31, 2022, within the limits strictly governed by the contract and depending on the available resources of the CBI .

Adam Bartlam. CEO of Chain Games, said, “After seeing the live demonstration of the AlphaVerse metaverse and the quality of the world that will open soon, we knew we had to partner with the CBI team! AlphaVerse, the CBI metaverse, is the best. ahead of what we’ve tried, and we’re very excited to be able to develop our Chain Games Arena and our Chain Games island there. important, and we look forward to helping improve the multiplayer experience.”

For Frédéric Chesnais, President and CEO of CBI: “I am delighted to partner with CBI with Chain Games and its talented team, and to enter into these strategic agreements that allow the creation of new content for AlphaVerse. The game development model based on skills and playing -to-ear on the blockchain, which especially allows players to measure their performance within the current hit games, combat games but also a single-player or car racing games, have a place within AlphaVerse. the new possibilities offered by the blockchain and the crypto ecosystem. These are initiatives that are of particular interest to us and our goal is to use this type of economic model in other ‘other areas of blockchain activity.’

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