Affected by the death of his master, a dog escaped from the sea and was rescued 800 meters from Antibes

This is Albert Calamuso, representative of the town of Villeneuve-Loubet, who echoed it on Facebook.

Tyron, a Border Collie crossed with an 11-year-old Labrador, was found in the sea early Tuesday afternoon, 800 meters from Antibes, by a jet ski instructor from the Jet27 nautical base, in Villeneuve -Loubet.

Did he fall overboard? Or, worse, did it fall off a boat?

“I don’t understand how this dog ended up in the sea like this”, said the chosen one, who quickly found out why and how, by posting a photo of the animal on social networks. “I was quickly contacted again and I was able to get the owners of the dog on the phone, crying.”

Rescued by a jet ski instructor

Tyrone. Photo by DR.

Sabrina was the first to hear the news. And collapsed at the other end of the line. “My mother and I, we cried like children. Now we still cry when we talk, we don’t believe anymore.”

Everything is so fast. Sabrina’s mother was walking in Tyron on the Villeneuve-Loubet seafront, early Tuesday afternoon. A walk the dog hadn’t taken since the sudden death of his master, Sabrina’s father, in January.

“Suddenly, he escaped while tied. He knocked my mother down and went into the sea. A woman who witnessed the scene alerted the firefighters, who saw him disappear in the waves.”

Almost an hour, the rescuers will look for the animal, a very good swimmer, in a few tens of meters in front of the beach. In vain. When they return, the most likely outcome plunges Sabrina and her mother into deep grief.

They will find out a few hours later that Tyron, who was brought home to the pebble beach by his rescuer, was examined by a veterinarian and then entrusted to Spaca (Sauvetage animal protection Côte d’Azur), a structure based in Vence, while waiting to find his owners.

Fusional relationship with his master

Tyron and his master. Photo by DR.

“This is a dog that experienced the trauma of my father’s death in January, Sabrina returned, sobs in her voice. My father treated him like a child. They both work together. Their relationship is close. He was very playful before his death. His behavior has changed a lot since then.

Despite the loss of his spouse, Tyron received a lot of love from those close to him. “My father asked us to take care of his dog before he died. He even asked to see him one last time on video when he was so weak. He loved him so much.”

“A priori, this is not a depressive dog”

Françoise Chabaud, veterinarian and behaviorist, wisely watches Tyron’s escape into the open sea. In fact, the possible desire to commit suicide is rejected.

The bond between Tyron and his master is fusional. Does it affect him as far as going to the beach?

The dog does not react to the death of the master, first, but to the fact that things in his daily life have changed. He lost his attachment. Yes, he is very attached and it has always been a pathology. This dog may be anxious to begin with.

But the death of his master was brutal…

So he lost his intimacy in one night. What’s more, the people around him may be very sad. So suddenly everything changed.

Why this behavior?

What is certain is that this dog did not go to the water to find his master or commit suicide, especially after 7 months. But maybe before he went to sea with his master and it reminded him of happy times. So he managed to swim, except that his master, who was absent, did not call him back. That’s why he listened to his motivation and didn’t stop swimming. The sight of water must have awakened something. But a priori this is not a depressive dog.

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