What are the best dog boot protectors in 2022?

Although mopping with your dog is a real pleasure for you and your pet, it can easily become a nightmare for your car. Between the hairs, claw marks and drool streaks, your back seat remembers it!

Fortunately, there are many solutions to protect the car against the claws and hair of dogs. Between armchair covers, protective covers for the trunk and covers for the trunk, you are spoiled for choice. It is an easy system to set up, which makes car maintenance easier. It is enough to remove the cover to find an interior that is free of drool or hair. This type of dog car cover also prevents claws and fangs from digging into the seats or making holes in them. Want to find that clean car you’re proud of before your best friend arrives? Choose now for a dog boot protection, waterproof and comfortable. It can really change your life! Zoom in on the five models we have selected to guide you in your choice.


  1. The most non-slip
  2. The most waterproof
  3. The most comfortable
  4. The most practical

Smartpeas dog boot cover, easy to install

This universal cover can be easily attached to the headrests. It includes adjustable straps as well as four suction cup fasteners that stay securely in place. Completely waterproof, this dog car cover protects the trunk from moisture like hair. In addition, a flap located at the level of the trunk opening prevents nails from making marks there. The cover is easy to maintain, because it is not dirty and waterproof. Just clean it with a damp sponge. Finally, it has a non-slip coating, which prevents any risk of slipping!

The Heldenwerk boot cover also protects the bumper

Compatible with cars of all sizes, from small city cars to SUVs, this dog car cover protects the boot from hair and moisture. In addition, one part folds the bumper when the boot is opened, to avoid any risk of scratches on the outside of the car. This cover is very easy to clean, because all that is needed is a wet cloth to remove all the dirt. In addition, it dries easily in the open air. Finally, this cover is very durable and resists scratches and fangs.

The protective cover for the Looxmeer boot, with storage pockets

Very practical and versatile, this protective cover includes several storage pockets, where you can slip various doggie accessories. Made of 600D Oxford fabric, it is completely waterproof and protects the stem from vinegar, urine and hair. To clean it, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Resistant to scratches and bites, this trunk mat dries easily in the open air. Finally, its side protections provide great comfort to the animal, as does its non-slip coating.

The Toozey car boot protector, delivered in a bowl

This dog car cover is made of 600D Oxford fabric, a quality fabric, very durable, which allows it to resist claw marks. In addition, it is completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. To install the cover, you need to pass the straps around the headrests. This way it doesn’t work. Not only that, because this protective cover has a doggie bowl. You will even receive an e-book with lots of tips on educating your hairball.

How to protect the interior of a car from dog hair?

To protect the seats or the bench of your car, you should choose seat covers. There are plastics and fabrics. For carpets and car mats, get floor protectors. You can see rubber and plastic! You can also opt for a dog car cover that is installed in the trunk.

Whatever model you choose, make sure the covers are easy to clean. If you get cloth covers, they should go through the washing machine. As for plastic and rubber covers, they are usually easy to clean with a damp sponge.

To prevent doggies from depositing hair everywhere, especially if they are in full moult, brush them thoroughly before entering the car. Also clean their paws after a walk on the wet ground or a long bathing session in the river near your house!

If there are any hairs that still get between the cover and the seat, use a lint brush to remove them.

How to install the dog boot protector?

The trunk protectors are installed differently depending on the chosen model. If you choose a boot protection cover, it must be blocked in the four corners of the boot, using the fixing system it provides.

As for the protective covers for the trunk, they go up on the back of the armchairs and are usually placed at the level of the headrests.

Finally, the boot trays sit on the bottom of the boot and usually hold on their own.

You can leave them in place permanently, or remove them if the animal does not take the car with you.

How long can a dog stay on the tree?

If it is installed correctly, a stuffed animal can stay in the trunk for several hours when you make long trips (to go on vacation for example). On the other hand, it is important to take breaks every two hours to allow him to stretch his legs, relieve himself and drink fresh water. Stop at a motorway service area and let him walk around for a few minutes: always on a leash! The presence of the highway next to it is very dangerous and you never know how a dog might react.

Of course, if your car doesn’t have an efficient ventilation system, don’t leave your dog alone in the trunk when you go shopping. You also need to make sure it’s not in direct sunlight while you’re driving: the sun’s rays can really hit the trunk window.

How do you get a dog used to a boot protector?

Some dogs get car sick and are very afraid of journeys, even if they know it is for walking. This makes it harder for them to get used to being in the trunk, especially if they travel long distances in the back seats.

Start by installing your doggie in the trunk, without starting the engine. Keep the trunk open and approach the dog to pet and talk to him. This is important to reassure him as he sniffs and discovers this new installation. Do not hesitate to give him some medicines to completely relax him.

Repeat this several times, for a few days or a few weeks, until your dog enters the trunk without any anxiety. As he knows that he can find food and his favorite games there, he likens the chest to a moment of happiness! Then start the engine so the animal gets used to this new sensation.

Should start with short trips.

Are dog boot protectors safe?

Trunk liners are completely safe and secure for doggies and the car. Of course, it must be installed correctly, respecting the indications given by the manufacturer. Choose protection of the size adapted to the tree. If it’s too small, you’ll have a hard time fixing it and the coupling system may come off mid-travel. On the contrary, if the cover is too big, it will curl up and not leave enough room for the animal.

The dog boot protector is very effective in protecting your car because it is waterproof. So it remains any dirt, but also the vomit of sick doggies and hair.

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