Wanting a relationship without a condom, a young man attacked two prostitutes in Rouen

A young man went on trial on Monday August 1 for the violent attack on two pampams in Rouen. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

A young man sentencedMonday 1er August 2022, by the Criminal Court of Rouen with violent attack on two prostitutes. The man was charged with beating Eva * on June 16 and confiscating Christina *’s handbag in Rouen.

He asked for a relationship without condoms

Police were called on June 16 at 2:55 a.m. for an assault on two pampams at Belgian Boulevard. When they arrived, the police noticed that an individual “took the handbag of one of the victims and ran away”. The individual was quickly arrested.

The two victims explained that Salim* wanted to have sex without a condom, but when Eva refused, the man showed a knife and “asked for a second performance, still without a condom, as payment”. A version that he maintained during the investigation and confirmed by his friend Christina. “I saw him threaten my girlfriend with something he dropped before shockingly taking my handbag. »

Placed in the custody of the police, Salim disputed the facts of which he was accused and explained that he had not committed a sexual act: “I did not steal or threaten anyone, I just wanted to be paid after his refusal” . He admitted not using his knife: “I put it on the ground”.

“everything is a lie”

Presented in the immediate appearance, the accused, a Guinean in an irregular territorial situation, claimed to be a minor, forcing the court to order an examination of the bone to determine his age. It was done a month later, when the man appeared for the second time. This time, the expert concluded “that the accused is between 18 and 21 years old” without being able to be more precise.

From the box, the young man, who maintains that he is a minor, remains in his positions: “All the lies, I recovered the bag because I want them to return my money”.

For its part, the public prosecutor considers that the facts are fully established, through the detailed testimony of the victim’s friend about the violence and through the police testimony about the robbery with violence.

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The prosecutor reminded the accused that these crimes are punishable by law: “You risk a sentence of seven years in prison”. The prosecutor requested against him, despite a clean criminal record, a one-year prison sentence with continued imprisonment. He also requested a ban on the national territory, a ban on appearing in the Seine-Maritime and on keeping or carrying weapons for three years.

four months imprisonment

For the defendant’s attorney, the aggravating circumstance of robbery with violence was not described. He recalled that the victim was not injured and did not suffer violence and that the facts were taken by surprise and requested reclassification as simple theft. For the remaining offences, he reminded the court that his client had no criminal record and that the principle was “that if there is a first offence, a warning should be sent to the accused”. He asked for a suspended prison sentence.

The court, which upheld the majority of Salim, declared him guilty of the charges and sentenced him to four months in prison with a further term of imprisonment. As an additional penalty, he is prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm for three years.**

*Names have been changed.
** This sentence is subject to appeal. Everyone is presumed innocent until all legal remedies have been exhausted.

from our reporter Frédéric Bernard

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