South of the Circle, a narrative drama about love and promises, is coming to Xbox

South of the circle tells a cinematic story of survival, hope and love. A story about those beautiful moments in life that are worth fulfilling and worth making big promises to. But let’s also face the big question: how do power and politics affect people and how do they lead to disaster? And it wouldn’t have happened without a particular plane crash in Antarctica during the Cold War.

I was fascinated by the surreal beauty of Antarctica, especially in the 60s, because of the low technology that existed at that time. They were still searching for seals with wooden guns, they had no communication. It was an interesting time, like the Cold War era. A family friend was working in Antarctica at the time and survived the plane crash, as did Peter, a Cambridge scholar and South of the circle main character. Our family friend also helped establish the Antarctic Treaty, a peace treaty that protects the world from nuclear war, and the tension of the game depends on it. As Peter is forced to go into a blizzard in search of survival, he remembers all of his past. Meet the beautiful Clara, a fellow university student, and experience a romantic and intellectual love story that leads her to point we see him. How will he reconcile feelings and an ambitious career? And if he can keep his promises?

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on South of the circle, we explore what happens to a person when they are removed from all the structures they encounter in everyday life. Who are we when we are separated from all political and social constructs? It was a great way to get into someone’s mind because when you’re in that kind of situation, what else do you have? And the aforementioned surreal beauty? Even now, in retirement, our family friend is still fascinated by Antarctica. I even had the opportunity to travel with him on a research trip for this game, to explore its magical appeal. We all have this image of the perfect iceberg floating in Antarctica, but when we got there we discovered that there were things like sunken volcanic craters, with black ash on the side, hidden boats , so you can navigate to its center. Even on a gray day, when there is no color anywhere, that is interesting in itself as it is black and white. The sounds are really inspiring, you can hear things miles away. One time, right in front of us in the bay, a block of ice as big as a building broke, fell into the water and made a sound unlike anything I had ever heard before. It was as if thunder broke out in four different places at once and echoed and the sound was there for about a minute after that and it was completely silent again.

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We want to tell the story of power and the individual and how these great powers affect our lives. A lot has happened in society since the 1960s and this play examines the struggles especially that Clara faces while trying to become an academic during that time. She was part of the second wave of feminism and had ambitions to become a successful scholar that were in many ways stopped by the power structures around her. But the more we worked on the story of Peter and Clara, the more it became clear that it is about the story of the individual and the choices we make. We realize that the most interesting and important things in our lives are all the little emotional decisions and promises we make in life. And we really want you to experience it as if you were there. We work with some of the best actors in the world, including Gwilym Lee from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Olivia Vinall from ‘The Woman in White’ and Anton Lesser from ‘Game of Thrones’ to bring the real authenticity of the characters, and created a way for you to talk to them in-game with the pace and emotion of a real conversation.

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I hope you choose to experience South of the circle for you now that it’s available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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