“Love is love”, different Stephen Chow

By Emma Véré – Recently, I saw one of Stephen Chow’s first films: “Love is love”.

One of the first classics of the actor’s romantic films, released on February 15, 1990, the day after Valentine’s Day.

In the movie, Shi Jinshui (Stephen Chow) and Wu Daidi (Sandra Ng) are a couple, but Daidi’s father is against it because Jinshui doesn’t have a car, a house, or a steady job. The couple then decided to run away.

At that time, Stephen Chow’s style was not very mature. Although the plot and the characters are simple, the film remains very moving.

The film is very peaceful, artless, modest and quiet, delicate and touching.

But Stephen Chow is not very famous yet. He and Sandra Ng became husband and wife on screen, feeling the love. In Sandra Ng’s autobiography, it is said that she fell in love with Stephen Chow during this movie.

In fact, in the film, Stephen shyly kisses Sandra near a pond in the countryside. At that time, there was no Karen Mok, Cecilia Cheung or Athena Chu.

In addition to “Love is love”, they collaborated for “Thunder cops II” and “When fortune smiles”. Thanks to the movie “Thunder cops II” and the spark with Sandra Ng Stephen Chow, for the first time, flourished. Before this film, he mostly did extras or played supporting roles.

In 1990, Stephen Chow participated in 11 films. His talent was revealed in the scenes of head and tail and comedy.

One of the scenes that struck me the most was the night they ran away after the wedding, only one pair of chopsticks for both of them, each of them using only one.

Daidi said to Jinshui, “In the future, you will be the head of the family, use the precious things.”

Is there still such a girl? Tell me where.

Seeing Jinshui betting money in the casino, he quietly left.

This feeling of disappointment and Jinshui’s guilt intertwined, making my heart ache.

Waidi is ready to clean the floor, wash the dishes so that he can help Jinshui financially.

To help pay the 20,000 RMB bail, she secretly became a dancer in a club.

The only thing she doesn’t want is for her husband to be helpless.

He said: “If my husband works hard, others will not say that he does not have a good life. Even if I have to spend my life squatting, I am ready”.

After that, it was because of his meeting with Nancy (Suki Kwan) that Jinshui’s career exploded. He even has a big house. Gradually, conflicts with Waidi began, but in the end they realized that they no longer had the same feelings as in the beginning.

Like most successful people who earn a lot of income, Jinshui forgets the people who silently support him on the road to success.

It is encouraging to see that Jinshui remains faithful to love and refuses to be with the rich heiress.

Could this kind of scene happen in reality?

Let us not forget the friends who are in bad times, or the wife who often shares painful moments with her husband without flinching.

In real life, how many men manage to start their own business, give money to their wife and marry someone else, younger.

And this woman, who supported him for so many years, couldn’t it be for money?

Who will it be spent on?

In real life, apart from comedy, stories like “Love is love” do not have such a happy ending.

Finally, Jinshui returned to his old home, thinking back for a few moments. He arranged the broken duilian of their wedding. He saw a kite and behind it Waidi was seen.

Surprise, loss, nostalgia, courage, shame, finally happiness and adventures; we can see the change in Chow’s expressions, which is very delicate and touching.

I think this movie is Stephen Chow’s second best, after ‘King of comedy’.

Even if it’s not a joke, in the look I’m wearing today, all the details still impress me.

Some say the magical happy ending isn’t thoughtful enough.

But in my opinion, thanks to this happy ending the film is perfect.

Let struggling couples watch this movie before they break up, they won’t feel the same way later.

At the same time, I also advise those women who watch “Love is love” to have determination and make sure they rise from the ashes if they don’t want to be left behind.

When your husband becomes a man, do you think your spirit will follow him?

If the answer is no, there are conflicts.

Finally, it’s good to know more people and see more things.

When I was young, I was stupid. When I saw the name of the movie I thought it was about Jackie Chan.

Finally, I finished the film but I didn’t see Jackie Chan.

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