Death of Brice Louge: sunken car, sonar, hidden relationship … what we know about the discovery of the body near Saint-Gaudens

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Almost six months after disappearing for thirty years, without giving any sign of life after a dispute involving an adulterous and conflicted relationship, the body of Brice Louge was found in a ditch in Comminges. La Dépêche goes back in detail to the first known elements.

The body of Brice Louge, a farm worker from the south of Haute-Garonne, was found on Tuesday night August 2, almost 6 months after his mysterious disappearance. La Dépêche returns to the circumstances of this discovery which constitutes a twist in a difficult investigation.

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His car was in a ditch

Tuesday night, police found Brice’s car, a gray-blue Clio Campus that had been actively sought for months. It is because of an ultra-sophisticated sonar, deployed in the area of ​​the Strasbourg river brigade, that the car was found in the Camon canal, near the dam of the same name, near Saint-Gaudens. Inside the car, the man’s body was discovered and quickly identified as Brice Louge, 30, who lives in Labarthe-Rivière, 3 kilometers away.

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Research using ultra-sophisticated sonar

The sonar is used by the gendarmes of the Strasbourg river brigade with ultra-sophisticated equipment that allows them to identify bodies or objects that are difficult to find. Valentine’s gravel pits and other water points are checked with the device. “We did the re-squad in the areas already surveyed and we quickly found the vehicle thanks to the sonar”, introduced the leader of the squadron, François Zimmer, the commander of the company of Saint-Gaudens. Two gendarmes and a boat pilot, in addition to five divers from the nautical brigades of Marseillan and Grau du Roi, participated in the operation. Brice Louge’s car was finally located 5 meters deep.

Camon Canal
MDD – Vincent Dulong

Camon Canal

Camon Canal
MDD – Vincent Dulong

Six months of investigation

Brice Louge has been missing since the night of February 19. That night, on his way home from dinner with his hunting buddies, Brice went to the house of his boss, Nadine, less than a kilometer from her house where he lives with his parents, in Labarthe-Rivière. . There, he was surprised by the complete intimacy of this woman with the son of the latter who was unaware of this adulterous and secret relationship. The son punched the wall violently. Fired, Brice then left the scene in a hurry and crashed, driving his car. From this night worthy of a bad vaudeville, there is no news of him. His cell phone being turned off was never able to locate the missing person.

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The circumstances of this disappearance then pushed the authorities to mobilize significant research and investigation resources: beatings, polls, hearings and searches, the last of which date back to last June.

A poster announcing the call for evidence to find Brice Louge, in June.

A poster announcing the call for testimony to find Brice Louge, in June.

Preferred theories of accident or suicide

Finally, his body was discovered on Tuesday in his car that sank in the Camon canal. The Saint-Gaudens research brigade and the Toulouse research section are in charge of the investigation. An autopsy should be conducted, especially as it will allow to determine if a third party may have intervened in Brice’s death. The investigation is currently focusing on the theses of accident or suicide, while the roof of the farm worker’s car was found to be deformed due to the big impact.

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