What does Logitech need to do to convince the console dedicated to gaming in the cloud?

Logitech intends to launch a portable console whose particularity is to run streaming games. Compatibility with Xbox Game Pass (Microsoft) and GeForce Now (Nvidia) services has been confirmed.

Cloud gaming has sparked ideas among some. In a short press release published on August 2, the props company Logitech announced a partnership with the Tencent conglomerate with the aim of launching a new portable console. It’s not a competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck, but a new engine dedicated to streaming games.

On the one hand, therefore there is knowledge of Logitech hardware. On the other hand, the software expertise – and the financial power – of Tencent. The duo aims for a release this year and aims to offer a console compatible with the two main cloud gaming services available today: Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now, offered by Nvidia.

Tencent Games x Logitech // Source: Logitech

What should Logitech do to convince its portable console?

1 — Bet everything on ergonomics

By focusing only on a catalog of cloud gaming games, which are additionally provided by others, Logitech does not need to cover its console with state-of-the-art components. Streaming does not require a lot of computing power to operate and can be satisfied with a modest technical sheet. In that sense, Logitech’s product shouldn’t be like Valve’s Steam Deck.

So Logitech can concentrate its efforts on ergonomics, which should be impeccable. To attract this point, the console must meet these criteria:

  • A screen with a comfortable definition for the eyes (if possible with OLED);
  • Measurements are neither too narrow nor too large to fit the highest morphologies;
  • Well-placed buttons;
  • Long lasting finish as it is a product that can be taken anywhere.

Logitech will not forget ergonomics because, today, smartphones are able to offer a more important experience with accessories dedicated to gaming. His device should be more convincing than a gaming smartphone.

2 — Autonomy must not be reprimanded

If we do not expect unequal power from this console, we still hope for the autonomy that will be able to exist for hours and hours without problems. It should do better than the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, which struggle to deliver more than five hours of playtime (length depends on usage). Again, Logitech has to compete with phones whose autonomy is only improving.

Among other technical characteristics to look at, the Logitech console should:

  • Make sure the connection is flawless, including 4G/5G (because you need to be able to play outside your home without access to a Wi-Fi hotspot);
  • Manage any overheating issues.

3 — Game

Gamers will be able to play AAA games when away from their console or PC »: this is the promise of Tencent and Logitech. The duo has approached Microsoft and Nvidia to ensure that their respective services are fully compatible. This is good news. As for Stadia, it seems nothing has been signed at the moment.

4 – The price

How much would we be willing to pay for a console that will only run streaming video games, that is to say duplicating other devices we already own? This is the thorny question that Logitech needs to answer. Frankly, we probably wouldn’t invest more than 200 € for such a platform, certainly interesting, but still limited. Plus, Logitech doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of extra features, just there to justify the higher price. No one wants an Android terminal that can download applications, it’s called a smartphone. Logitech product must have something new.

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