TESTING. Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, the romance of the First lady and journalist

We are the 1er July 1932, about 9 o’clock in the morning. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the Governor of New York State, opened the door of her home in Albany and invited reporters fromAssociated Press to go and have breakfast at his house. If the reporters flocked to his house for several days, it was because at the same time, in the big hot stadium in Chicago, the Democratic Convention was held, which should have nominated his presidential candidate.

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According to the latest news, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is ahead, but the results are pending. And if the situation is troubled, it will benefit, as it happened before, to a outsider. In other words, no one wins.

Around the table, it smells like testosterone. At that time, being a journalist was still a man’s job. However, the star of all these men is a 39-year-old woman whose name is known throughout America: Lorena Hickok. Hick for intimates.

Caught in the whirlwind is Eleanor

Lorena is an ardent democrat who does not hide her admiration for the Roosevelt couple. He was accused ofAssociated Press to track Eleanor throughout the presidential campaign. He will collect and publish on November 10, 1932, in several American newspapers, the first impressions of the new First Lady. “Maybe they call me, Eleanor trusted him. But there is no First Lady in the country. There will be the simple and ordinary Mrs. Roosevelt, and that’s it! »

In his three-part portrait of the President’s wife, Hick portrays a woman who is very simple – almost Mrs Everybody – and who insists on staying put. Eleanor likes to have lunch, drive fast and go on foot or by bus. Her wardrobe is solid and uncluttered. Her centerpiece is a $10 dress for special occasions. She is a girl who is curious about everything and has amazing energy. “He can only sleep five or six hours without it showing and he doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘tired’,” Lorena wrote on November 12, 1932. It’s a whirlwind! »

A whirlwind that will soon lead the journalist to a very beautiful love story.

Lorena’s unwavering support

In his biography Eleanor Roosevelt, First lady and rebel published in Tallandier editions and reissued in paperback in 2021, Claude-Catherine Kiejman awakens, of course, this relationship that is very important in the history of his character. “They met during the election campaign, he explained. Lorena is homosexual. He likes girls. Which is not the case with Eleanor, in my opinion. They will find each other. It starts with an attraction, a deep friendship… I think we can talk about a true love story, yes. »

November 8, 1932 was the big night. It will determine who Herbert Clark Hoover or Franklin Delano Roosevelt will be 32e President of the United States. The headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, housed in the Biltmore Hotel in New York, was in chaos. Apparently, Hick was there, in the middle of the electric crowd. Between him and Eleanor strong relations had been formed since the Democratic Convention.

That night, Franklin Roosevelt won, the Democrats rejoiced and Lorena’s eyes were on Eleanor whom she found very beautiful. “Lorena stayed all night, continued Claude-Catherine Kiejman. In these moments of waiting, he is very present. »

From then on, the two women would not leave each other’s side… For a while anyway. They have constant contact. Lorena accompanies Eleanor on her travels. He knows how to write. He helped her understand some things. He is a mentor of sorts. In contact with him, Eleanor will also change …

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