OnePlus World On ‘Roblox’ Offers Free OnePlus Headphones, Other Gadget Prizes – Here’s How You Can Get Them

OnePlus World on “Roblox” is now offering free OnePlus headphones, along with other great freebies.

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OnePlus World on ‘Roblox’ is giving away free OnePlus headphones, other gadget rewards – here’s how you can get them


The Chinese smartphone maker has teamed up with Transparent House, an international production agency, to bring the new virtual world of the block-building video game to reality.

Transparent House focuses on 3D rendering of the product, as well as animations. He creates photo-realistic computer-generated visual presentations of his clients’ products.

“Thanks to our continued engagement with OnePlus, we have been discussing the development of the metaverse for a long time. Finally, the decision was made to trust Roblox,” said Transparency House executive producer Denis Krylov via Android Titles .

OnePlus World on ‘Roblox’ is giving away free OnePlus headphones!

According to the latest report by XDA Developers, OnePlus’ new virtual world of “Roblox” will allow consumers to receive its advanced headphones for free.

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As of this writing, the tech giant maker has not yet confirmed which model people will get from it.

However, 9To5Mac reported that the smartphone manufacturer has provided an image showing the new OnePlus Buds Pro. This earphone model usually costs around $150. Now, thanks to the arrival of the new OnePlus World metaverse, you can get this expensive device for free.

Apart from the OnePlus headphones, the gadget developer also said that consumers can get other advanced devices for free.

But how do you get the OnePlus Buds Pro and other freebies?

OnePlus Global Guide

The Chinese technology company explained that the first visitors to the new global metaverse of “Roblox” will receive OnePlus headphones for free.

However, the company is yet to confirm when OnePlus World will start accepting visitors. Once unlocked, the Gadgetmaker will hide 200 Secret Codes in the Metaverse.

You have to find them to get the exciting free gadgets. As for the metaverse itself, the virtual theme park will feature a variety of gaming activities.

The new OnePlus World will offer SuperVOOC charging technology, which will allow players to power up their characters so they can move faster.

In addition to this, players can use hoverboards, motorcycles and other vehicles in the video game, which makes it easier for them to find secret codes.

Recently, the OnePlus Nord N20 5G was offered for $299. An unlocked version of the smartphone is also available.

On the other hand, the OnePlus Reno 8 rebranding effort should be full throttle.

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