Love is in the pasture: what will happen to Nathalie, in the 2021 season?

With her frankness and her pink dressing room, Nathalie marked the season 16 of Love is in the pasture. A year after his participation in the farm program, the farmer continues to manage his operation and search for his George Clooney.

The pink pearl. With her heart-shaped sunglasses and her wardrobe consisting exclusively of pink clothes, Nathalie established herself as one of the emblematic women farmers in season 16 of Love is in the pasture. However, her wide smile and her tangy clothes hide it deep wound. During the broadcast of her picture, Nathalie angered the viewers by revealing her past as a battered woman. Many years of suffering without consequence in his romantic relationship. Not wanting to be disappointed in love anymore, the 50-year-old girl is barely on guard against her two suitors, Stephane and Bruno. Despite his desire to find his “Handsome George Clooney”, Nathalie was always tactless. A character trait strongly criticized by Karine Le Marchand, during the last assessment. You should take a friendship course […] You are a smart talker. You really need to do this, you’re not friendly”advises the host of the program.

or he completed the program in one country, where is Nathalie now? After widespread criticism of the show’s editing, the mother of the family went on with her life. And not least. Always very active, the farmer from Loire-Atlantique does not stop for a second. On his Instagram account, the former candidate is always engaged in his daily life to his many subscribers. When she is not tending her farm with her daughter Samantha, Nathalie manages her new project with a skilled hand. After typing it again from top to bottom, the fan of candy-pink color opened the doors of his gite and his educational farm at Ker Michel. Despite this very busy schedule, Nathalie makes sure to spend as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren. Due to the support of his relatives, the farmer overcame the death of his dog, Gribouille, last February. And what about his love life? Since the end of her brief idyll with Stéphane, Nathalie remains a heart to take.

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Nathalie (Love is in the pasture 2021): her response to criticism money

In his adventure, Nathalie has always shocked the public with her outspokenness. In effect. The sweet words quickly gave way to small shovels, thereby causing serious concern among her suitors. Under fire from critics, after Stéphane assured that he “the least ugly of the lot”, Nathalie wants to clear things up. In an interview given to Parisianon Monday October 25, 2021, the dynamic cattle breeder defended his sense of repartee. “It’s a way of talking at home, lpeople don’t understand my humor“, he cheerfully answered our colleagues. Therefore, the Barbie girl of the previous season prefers to have fun with the many comments that she is the target of. “When I’m tired, I answered them in the evening in a private message by complimenting Internet users in a detail on their profile pictures”he assured his legendary sense of self-deprecation in the columns of Parisian.

For his part, his son Woolfran did not hesitate to help him on social networks. Angered by the words directed at his mother, the young man strongly responded to his detractors. “My mother f*cks people who judge her without even knowing her, it makes her laugh a lot.”he quickly wrote on Facebook, Monday, November 15. And adding: “That’s who he is, no filter, but no intention to hurt”. If she doesn’t find her prince charming, Nathalie nevertheless has her brave knight.

Photo credits: Cécile Rogue / M6

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