Love is in the pasture: the broadcast date of season 17 of M6 is finally revealed!

Good news for Love fans in the pasture and viewers in search of love stories, the new season of the show signed M6 is almost here, Télé Star tells you everything.

After the broadcast of the pictures in February on M6, many fans of Love are in the pasture waiting for the broadcast date of season 17. And it has been known since Monday, August 22, the farmers’ meet-and-greet show will return. From August 22, viewers will be able to find 13 new season farmers ready to go to Paris for their speed dating. Yes, now that all France has seen their pictures, the letters poured out and season 17 of Love is in the pasture so will show the receipt of their letter and the reading of their letters, as well as the forced choices that accompany this new episode.

Noémie (25 years old, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), Jean (60 years old, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Sébastien (36 years old, Corsica), Alain (59 years old, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Agnès (57 years old, Ghent -East), Guillaume “from Limousin” (29 years old, New Aquitaine), Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle (71 and 42 years old, Grand-Est), Alexandre (37 years old, Normandy), Guillaume “l’Auvergnat” (35 years old, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Nadège (31 years old, Brittany), Alain “le Breton” (73 years old, Brittany) and Thierry (65 years old, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) will therefore return. They will discover the people who wrote to them and must, from simple letters and sometimes photos, decide who they want to meet. Only after meeting their suitors and potential suitors a the decision will be made on who will be invited to the farm. And all will be, as in previous seasons, presented by the sparkling Karine Le Marchand.

A returning former contestant

This year there are no new rules but, as others have seen during the distribution of pictures, the former candidate returned. After trying his luck once, Thierry the winegrower and arboriculturist from PACA will try to find love again. Now that she’s feeling better and more ready to find the one to make her heart beat, will one of her suitors agree? Another particularity of season 17 of Love is in the pasture: a father and his daughter from the same family participate in pairs. Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle are both winegrowers in Grand-Est and they are both looking for someone to share their lives with. With almost 200 farmers met, 89 couples formed, 27 marriages and 66 children on the clock, one thing is certain, L’amour est dans le pré continues to please farmers and farmers alike. – well.

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© Cecile ROGUE/M6

2/15 –

It will air the week of August 22 on M6

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

3/15 –

This is the 17th season of the show

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

4/15 –

Karine Le Marchand is always present

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

5/15 –

13 new farmers looking for love

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

6/15 –

Their pictures have been released

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

7/15 –

William C.
The public has time to send them letters

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

8/15 –

William P.
Season 17 starts with opening the mail

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

9/15 –

The candidates go on a speed-dating

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

10/15 –

Jean Paul
A father and his daughter were registered at the same time

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

11/15 –

The farmers are ready to open their hearts

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

12/15 –

Others face severe sentimental disappointment

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

13/15 –

They want to find love

© Cecile ROGUE/M6

14/15 –

Thierry will be back

© Acquisition / M6

15/15 –

Love is in the pasture
See you soon on the M6

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