Cupboards and shelves to express your love of music

In the lounge area, there is always a hi-fi system that, if sometimes forgotten in favor of portable speakers, still provides good sound, far from compression standards. Before relaxing on your sofa, there is a certain pleasure in grabbing one of your favorite albums from one of the shelves that decorate the walls. We launched the sound, and the place came alive.

Committed to the development of original furniture for cultural media, the French company TEEbooks, whose name suggests a particular attention to the creation of shelves to serve the arrangement of books, has also captured the desires of music lovers to offer them bookcases specially designed to accommodate. their precious collection. As a wall bracket, storage unit orshelfyou will find a whole range of possibilities in terms of storage systems for vinylcd or dvd.

You can choose contemporary layouts, or want to take advantage of the bookcases offered to organize the space, rethink the organization of a living room, a reading corner that can be transformed into a place to listen and relax. Isolating oneself from the noise to better understand the clear notes of the melodies that attract us, that is the challenge that one chooses to give oneself in the heart of a house that is always full of a gentle trouble

A cd shelf adds a white wall. But we can choose instead for cd library to line a wide space for the pleasure of the eyes. Before choosing a cd or dvd from your record collection, you will have the satisfaction of being lost in the many listening possibilities available to you.

Having fun recreating within a space a place reminiscent of the record store stall of our childhood has become very simple, with storage shelves specially designed to accommodate vinyls record. Adjustable in height, these wall shelves can accommodate a collection of vinyl records.

Then it’s up to you to browse through your LPs to choose one to play on your vinyl turntable. White or black, your shelves will dress the walls and offer themselves to look, but above all to the hands that want to look for the most appreciated title, or the one that we don’t have yet had a chance to listen. The storage furniture offered by TEEbooks, a French brand, is modular and offers almost an unlimited number of layout possibilities depending on the organization of your interior.

Wall shelves, or a simple wall support, can be the most beautiful effect in a hallway for example, or in a room, to highlight a collection of CDs that offers itself as a memory in our musical tastes, in the eyes of the passerby. Furniture for vinyls can also be chosen to serve the presentation of your vinyl records, as we are in a famous recording studio.

In the living room, on either side of the sofa, you may want small furniture with a careful design but working to accommodate the collection of vinyl records that you have gradually built up by antiquing the flea market. Many memories that bring depth to the place and a warmth. Next to the television, you can choose a DVD storage unit, or shelf for conservation with CD and dvds.

Books can mix with musical supports on shelves and cupboards to promote a form of eclecticism. Thus, a vinyl shelf can rub shoulders with stacks of books. Whether placed on the floor or hung on the walls, these supports will enhance your interior. The touch of originality is still there: it’s up to you to think of new ways to arrange each shelf, each small box, each closet. The 33 t vinyl placed on the coffee table will remain as a final invitation.

Miles Davis, Elvis Presley or the Beatles. It’s up to you to highlight the groups or artists you like the most. You can also choose colored pockets that add a lively and original tone to a wall. Red, black, yellow: everything is allowed, and the result is always very personal.

Discover the variety of CD shelves and TEEbooks vinyl storage solutions and enjoy discounts while benefiting from free shipping.

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