TV program. Loves, rivalries, new jobs… What awaits the heroes of “En famille” on M6

After a month without entertaining viewers, the unpublished short fiction ”Comme des gosses” will be replaced by the new season (the eleventh!) of ”En famille” from this Monday, August 1 at 8:30 pm on M6. A long-planned change, the channel knows it takes time to install a new program.

So viewers will find the Le Kervelec family, who usually take their summer quarter in July and August, to celebrate their ten years of presence on the air. Between promotions, new challenges, marriages and moves, this is what awaits the Breton clan in the next episodes…

Jack: Jacques Le Kervelec (Yves Pignot) finds Monsieur Genteuil, a professional repairman, a rival to the handyman. Both must choose: to face each other or to be together? He really appreciates Milo (Gérémy Crédeville) and will face for the first time a son-in-law who does not seek to please him at all costs.

Bridget: While continuing to perform her activity as an Airbnb host that will improve by following “likes” and the status of “super host”, Brigitte Le Kervelec (Marie Vincent) will start to create an erotic podcast “Amours et confidences” to follow. to share his great sexual experience and involve the whole family. In addition, he will be troubled by the return of an old friend (and lover) who has come to settle in the region.

Roxanne: Roxane Le Kervelec (Charlie Bruneau Pouilloux) takes full ownership of her new position in the cultural association and involves her entire family (more or less voluntarily). His perfectionist nature doesn’t always work on the “asso” side but he has a blast. With Milo, everything always goes smoothly. Well integrated into the family, no one and nothing stops him: not even the challenges of Brigitte or Jacques who is always afraid of all his sons-in-law.

Escourrou: Jean-Pierre Escourrou (Olivier Mag) is happy: he succeeded in marrying Marjorie, the woman of his life. Now president of the rugby club, he faces a big problem: Jean-Hugues Olivier, a wealthy businessman who bought the rival club. A kind of Bernard Tapie in the 80s who will try to steal his players and get the best sponsors and equipment in town.

Marjorie: As for Marjorie Le Kervelec (Jeanne Savary), she is now head nurse. In love and satisfaction, he gained self-confidence and even started talking to himself about it. He was proud of his happiness and wealth, of all his family, of his advice on everything and anything.

Anthony: Antoine Pouilloux (Axel Huet) still works at “L’Arabesque”, a starred restaurant. He also maintains his YouTube channel where he now “lives” with his fans and always asks for all the members of his family. The eternal mama’s boy gains his independence and finally lives out his love story with Charlotte, whom he has been surrounded by since childhood. They spend a lot of time together, so one wonders if the young woman hasn’t moved into the garage yet.

Chloe: The family intellectual changed universities a thousand times after going through the “burn out” box due to medical school. But Chloé Pouilloux (Lucie
Bourdeu) is better. When Annabelle (Antoinette Giret) began to make himself known on social networks, felt a good shot, he immediately became his agent.

Seb: Sébastien Le Kervelec (Benoît Moret) becomes the boss of a food truck. He hired Lionel as a cook and their partnership was very fruitful. Despite the total incompetence of the accountant, the business has yet to have many customers and Sébastien continues to run the business while dealing with management issues. He’s still with Bonnie (Tiphaine Daviot) and the young couple even decide to move into a small studio together … on the same floor as Roxane. Independent but not much, because they squat mostly in his place.

Father Lucienne: Lucienne (Marie-Pierre Casey), Jacques’ aunt, finds love in the person of René. She, so cynical, even accepted his marriage proposal even if for her ”romanticism is for idiots!”. He is the proof that only fools don’t change their mind. During this time, our two lovebirds will prepare for their wedding and live in a common room in the retirement home.

Annabelle: Annabelle Escurrou (Antoinette Giret) continues its moult and knows the beginning of starification thanks to its popularity on the internet. He became a “good” influencer and promoted the love of nature, dietetics, organic food and of course respect for others and all living things. On the personal side, Annabelle flits between girls and boys but her meeting with Thibault changes things.

Gaspar: After an early thirties crisis last season, Gaspard Escurrou (Calixte Broisin-Doutaz) want to open up to others, meet people, be a bit ”cool”. He asked his companions for advice and made all sorts of attempts to integrate into this world.

Pupuce: The dog of Marjorie, Antoine and Chloé is the real cornerstone of the family… Pupuce continues to maintain his health: sleep, eat, then sleep again and eat and of course sleep with all his environment.

”En famille, les 10 ans”, Monday to Friday from August 1 at 8:30 pm, on the M6.

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