Meta dedicated to the catamaran? Vitalik Buterin settles the metaverse accounts

Golden Word – The term metaverse can be read for the first time in 1992, in the Novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. This book imagines a virtual world with a dystopian air, a mirror of our reality. The concept of the metaverse was then taken up by other artistic sectors such as cinema. Alpagated in the blockchain universe, represented by large companies such as The Sandbox, the metaverse then seduces more than one. Faced with the event, the GAFAMs also confirmed their interest in creating a global metaverse, a new social space to be conquered. This future standardization worries, questions and invites debate. Vitalik Buterinestablished theEthereum (ETH)joined the discussions in a Twitter thread this week.

On July 31, 2022, Vitalik Buterin therefore gave his point of view on the future of the metaverse.

Tweet by Vitalik Buterin – Source: Le Journal du Coin, Twitter

The “metaverse” will happen, but I don’t think there are any attempts by companies to deliberately create the metaverse anywhere. »

Vitalik Buterin – Source: Twitter

The creator ofEthereum explains that the metaverse is at a very embryonic stage to know what its users want. The creator thus takes the example of Meta, Facebook before. According to Vitalik Buterinthe coverage of the social media giant will be led to failure. What could be the reason? The lack of clear definition of the term.

Tweet by Vitalik Buterin – Source: Twitter

“My criticism goes deeper than ‘the Metaverse Wikipedia will beat the Metaverse Encyclopedia Britannica’. This is because we don’t know the definition of “metaverse” yet, it’s too early to know what people really want. So whatever Facebook does now will fail. »

Tweet Vitalik Buterin – Source: Twitter

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The metaverse is often described as a virtual, 3D, interconnected world that mirrors our reality. However, between this theoretical definition and what we have done in practice today, there is a gap. This gap then forces a change in the metaverse as we might expect it, but also theusers and community will shape it.

on reality, helmets are bulky, impractical and not at all ergonomic. the possible interactions are limited through what technology allows us to do. In addition, the price of virtual reality or augmented reality headset is still high. So mass marketing is impossible at this stage.

Financial behemoths are asking for a centralization that also fights decentralization, the motto of the metaverse that blockchain defines. In fact, not long ago, GAFAM and other big companies like Sony, Meta, and so on. accumulates in a consortium. The goal? Decide on common standards and infrastructures for their metaverse.

Despite everything, and no one doubts it, even the creator of the biggest altcoin: the metaverse is inevitable. But it’s true that a metaverse, pale copy of a Facebook account is disillusioned. Weakened by this movement and these constraints, the place is now for free creation and management. How is it formed? The Sandbox or the new metaverse other side Bored Ape Yatch CLub continues to offer us perhaps the most relevant answers, putting it at the center of the equation the game and the player experience.

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