Jake the Dog MultiVersus: Moves, assets… How to play it?

MultiVersus: Characters, complete guide

Jake the Dog MultiVersus: Moves, assets… How to play it?


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Jake, Finn’s best friend and lifelong companion from the fantasy cartoon Adventure Time, is a playable character in the current MultiVersus roster. Here is a guide to better understand his combat skills

Jack a classy character Slugger / Hybrid on MultiVersus. To unlock it, you also have to pay 2000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket. His skills are based on his elasticity and shape-shifting skills.

Jake The Dog

According to Jake, he has magic powers of elasticity since birth. He later learns that he is the son of a shapeshifter named Warren Ampersand. But wherever he comes from, Jake lives a happy life as a hero and adventurer with his best friend Finn the Human. When he’s not on a badass-kicking adventure, Jake spends time with his beloved wife Miss Rainicorn and their five mutant puppies/Raincorns.

Land Attacks

  • NEUTRAL : It’s amazing! – Charge a powerful spiked slam that destroys armor.
  • Sides: Merry Mayhem — A Combo of Punches and Belly Punches.
  • Height: Watch out for the axe! — To strike a great blow with the ax in the air. Charge increases hit range
  • below: Cracks! — Jake charges a double split kick that destroys armor.

Air Attacks

  • NEUTRAL : Belly Blow — Jake blows his belly to knock enemies forward. He then does a combo by chaining with a mallet spin that destroys armor
  • Sides : Merry Mayhem — Jake aims and charges a rubber band punch that has the potential to land a perfect hit at the end of its extension.
  • height : Mass in your face — Jake executes a combo attack with a spiked ball.
  • Below : Where is my halfpipe? — Jake sets up a skateboard and does tricks. If it lands on enemies or allies, it will bounce off them to do a combo and follow up with another number. The third touch ignited.

Special Operations

  • Neutral: Stomach of Steel – Jake swallows nearby fighters, in order to disable them and transport them into his stomach. Use the command again to target and spit out your victim. Allies can aim and self-spawning enemies suffer a max stack of debuff. The allies received the weapon. A fighter’s spit turns it into a projectile. There is a cooldown.
  • Sides : In one run! — Jake transforms into a horse and runs forward. Charge to extend the change. His back became a platform for allies.
  • height : Stretch — Charge and stretch Jake’s head, leaving his lower body behind. Enemies who touch it will fall. After stretching, Jake’s punch turned into a projectile that went to his head. Jake would just get hit in the head
  • Below : Heavy, man! — Jake turns into something heavy and falls hard to the ground. Pay to stay updated. The projectiles that hit Jake can be seen, and the fighters bounce off of him. When an ally bounces off Jake, he releases a projectile pouf that knocks enemies down.

What properties to choose?

  1. Triple jump – Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air.
  2. Space Punch – Your team deals 5% more damage to aerial melee attacks.
  3. Second wind of the windr – Your team’s air special moves reset after knocking down an enemy.


  • Tier 2: Space Punch – your team takes 5% more damage with airborne melee attacks.
  • Tier 3: Toast x5
  • Tier 4: Cartoonish Flexibility – your team will receive a 20% reduction in bounce speed on the ground and against walls.
  • Tier 5: Gold x100
  • Tier 6: OPENED the possibility of using the strength of an ally in team games
  • Level 7: Always higher – your team will receive an increase in high jump of 10%.
  • Tier 8: Sticky – Enemies that hit Jake while he is stretching will suffer a momentary stun. Thus they can easily be hit behind him..
  • Tier 9: Unlocks the ability to train any asset in the game
  • Tier 10: Stay flexible, man – Jake’s House skill allows him to bounce in the air after hitting the ground.
  • Tier 11: Triple jump – your team gets an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air.
  • Tier 12: Second Air Blast – Your team reset special moves in the air after knocking down an enemy.
  • Level 13: Tasmanian Trigonometry – your team receives 15% Basic Directional Influence (trajectory angle change after receiving a hit.
  • Level 14: “Jake” profile icon.
  • Level 15: Rare Badge “Jake’s Wins: 0”

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