Find out what happens to Hervé, Stéphanie’s lover

If you are a fan of Love is in the meadow, you must remember Hervé and Stéphanie in the sixteenth season of the program. They are among the favorites of this edition, because it was a very nice meeting. In fact, the farmer had no experience with women and he found the right person. that have been lovebirds since the show ? We bring you their news thanks to our partners from Current wife.

Love is in the pasture: what will happen to Hervé and Stéphanie?

In February 2022, the channel M6 released pictures of the new farmers from season 17 of Love is in the pasture. The cast is particularly interesting. In fact, the audience saw Thierry, a former participant from 2015, unable to find the shoes that fit him. In the lot, there is also a father and a daughter who are both looking for their better half. We must show a little patience before finding them, because in general the the broadcast coincided with the beginning of the school year.

So, in the meantime, we bring you news about Hervé and Stéphanie. The public is especially attached to this couple of Love is in the pasture in 2021.

A year of love thanks to Love is in the pasture

Hervé is an inexperienced dairy cow breeder and Stéphanie is deeply disappointed in her previous relationship. The two young people found each other good and everything was very easy between them. On April 18, 2022, lovers will have celebrating their first year of relationship on their page instagram common.

For this occasion, the couple returned to the symbolic place where they shared their first kiss in front of the cameras of M6. ” 1 year of love. 1 year that my life changed. Thank you dear for your kindness. You are a wonderful person, I am happy again thanks to you“, Stephanie posted.

Life is good on the pasture!

During the balance sheet Love is in the pasture which aired on Monday, November 22, 2021. The candidates are now in the starting blocks. In fact, they have many projects. Find a cozy nest. In addition, they appealed to Stéphane Plaza through Karine Le Marchand. Lovebirds like it too married. Finally, they also think of having a child for expand the family.

So what projects have they done? Now dear ones Love is in the pasture has not improved its members, but they are very happy always together. For Herve, Can’t go back to what it was the show completely changed my life /, I overcame my shyness“.

In any case, we know the progress of lovers Love is in the pasture thanks for instagram. In fact, they don’t hesitate to share the little details of their lives. For example, on January 8, 2022, Stephanie offered her farmer for his birthday a electric toothbrush. In addition, he often expresses his passion on his social network.

On June 23, 2022, he wrote: “ My soul mate. My half. My trust. And the only person in my life“. On May 12, 2022, Stéphanie explained that she has been suffering from Ménière’s disease since December 2021. For that, she ” only medicine for vertigo“. We hope they are happy!

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