CSEC June and July 2022: Future garden project, General Public Relations information, territorial anchoring and social policy | CSEC UES Orange | Group Committees

CSEC contents for June and July 2022:

Information / Consultation on

– The Future Garden Project: Opportunity to launch a redevelopment project

– General Public Customer Relations

– Anchoring the territory of the project in Direction Entreprise France

– Social policy, employment and working conditions: review of vocational training


Totem has won a call for tenders to equip line 15 of the Grand Paris with 5G, which is very good news for the group, but surprisingly it to manage high points and passive infrastructures, an activity that was never discussed before our authority. We want explanations of industrial assembly.

Closure of the Lannion technical library: a sign of withdrawal from R&D and Technical Innovations
The last two departing employees will not be replaced. What about funds and continuity of services? What can you offer newcomers, doctoral students and interns to train and carry out ambitious research? CSE TGI elected officials are asking for its maintenance and the recruitment of a professional to continue to develop this legacy.

A bad wage policy
CFE-CGC Orange reaffirms the great concern over this topic, and the must change the policy for the continuation of our company but to bring everyone. As provided by the Rebsamen law, it is important to review the distribution of the amount and this, in the short term, taking into account the running inflation.

A destructive strategy in the Distribution Network
There is less and less in the territory,
Orange goes from leader to follower (2th behind the SFR), enot coverage terms and proximity. Stores will close when it is profitable, the AD workforce reduction (-30% in 6 years) lowers performancedoes not count onimpact on working conditions and customer satisfaction. A self-destructive logic reinforced by a strategy of wild migration from activity to SLM. The upgrade to our “premium” position is important. For this, the SECAFI expertise (May 2022) on “Strategic orientations on the physical distribution network” is available to Management.

Letter to Christel Heydemann in stores
On June 10, CFE-CGC Orange sent an official letter to C. Heydemann recalling the range of this expertise in CSE Orange France Headquarters (OFS) from the Secafi firm in July 2021 in our physical retail distribution networks where the management of Orange France completely refused any collaboration and also recalled that the CNPS survey (National Committee for the Prevention of Stress) alerted to the very difficult situation of the store staff. A return to elected officials was presented in May 2022, with no company representatives present. A summary note is attached to this letter summarizing the challenges for Orange France with concrete proposals for Consumer Distribution.

Wage adjustment for overtime and night work
In June, we also sent a letter to Mr. Pélissier, Group HRD, for a request for the regularization of overtime, asking him the application of the fixed hourly rate that represents the loss of income. Quote: “Orange uses an hourly rate of 39 hours, ie 169 hours, to calculate overtime, night work, Sunday work and public holidays. This situation creates a disadvantage for all the employees who benefit from it because the base is not the 35 hours required by the labor code. Thus the company will avoid many disputes in the years 2021, 2020, 2019, or more if CFE-CGC decides to take the case to court due to lack of action on your part. »

To read and download the CR, click cr_csec_juin_juillet_2022.pdf

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