A dog that has been missing for weeks shows up at his mistress’s work

Mrs. June Rountree and her husband scoured their neighborhood in Dothan, Alabama, for several nights in search of their missing dog Abby, but they couldn’t find her. Three weeks later, unexpected events happen and they are convinced that Abby is the smartest dog or luckiest dog in Dothan.

The woman, 60, realized that Abby was missing when she went to the garden of her house and did not find her there. The Rountree family searched the neighborhood for their black and white dog, but couldn’t find it.


June worked as a cashier at Walmart for many years. One day, while working his usual shift, he heard a strange commotion. He tried to observe what was happening and discovered that there was a black dog that entered the store, and people tried to catch him to get him out of the store.

A dog has been missing for several days

June said according to The Washington Post:

“I said, ‘It can’t be! “.

At that time, June was still watching as several staff members followed the dog through the aisles, but were unable to catch him.

Walmart employee Danielle Robinette commented:

“I was like; what happened here ? I’m an animal lover, so I followed the animal and he ran to ledger number 6.”

female dog

Surprisingly, it was Abby! June was very surprised and clearly recognized the white fur in his mouth.

June commented:

“I called his name and he answered immediately, he came closer, I came closer and hugged him. My feelings took over, I couldn’t speak, I was in shock and I couldn’t believe it.”

As the staff and her dog surrounded her, June hugged Abby for a few minutes in silence. Danielle said her partner looked up with tears in her eyes and told them it was Abby, her missing dog.

June says:

“I can’t express my feelings, they are around me and I can’t tell them. »


Danielle started taking pictures of this emotional moment and then shared them on Facebook. His post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of reactions. Amidst the cheers, June admits that she has no idea where Abby has been for the past few weeks, or how she managed to find her.

June added:

“I never thought he would show up at Walmart. »

The girl hopes for a reunion, but always thinks that Abby will be waiting for her outside her house when she comes home from work.

Walmart was about a mile from the Rountrees’ home, but Abby hadn’t been inside the store yet. In fact, his family only took him to the parking lot and the woods behind the store on several occasions.

June commented:

“How he knew I was working there, I don’t know. »

Perhaps the dog was walking near the site and remembered that he had been there before, and wanted to see if he could find help.


Clive Wynne, professor of psychology, gives his professional opinion:

“I suspect that the animal is wandering around in random places, until it reaches a place that is familiar to it. I think it is likely that it is in trouble and trying to find a safe house. The navigation of a dog is not perfect, but it recognizes some signs…”.

Another surprising point is that Abby is not malnourished, it seems that someone has been feeding her the entire time she is gone.

June clarified:

“I want to thank those who came to see him and gave him food. »

After telling the story, June took her lunch and sent Abby home, where she was reunited with Coco, the other family dog. After a big meal, Abby went straight to her comfortable bed, curled up and fell asleep, having come home very peacefully.

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