Reindog MultiVersus: Moves, advantages… How to play it?

Reindog MultiVersus: Moves, advantages… How to play it?


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Reindog is one of the playable characters in the current roster of MultiVersus, the new Super Smash Bros. from Warner Bros. Games. This adorable dog-reindeer hybrid is the only character in MultiVersus created specifically for the game.

Reindog (or the Chien-Renne in French) is a characteristic of the class Support / Horizontal on MultiVersus. To unlock it, you also have to pay 2000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket. His main skill is his leash, which allows him, among other things, to attach himself or to keep his allies.


The Reindeer Hound is a Royal Guardian – A longtime protector of the Zanifeer royal family, charged with protecting them. Although he looks soft and silky, the heart of a warrior beats in his chest and he is the type to do anything to protect the one he loves.

Land Attacks

  • NEUTRAL :pow— demand payment in saliva a powerful projectile that can be aimed up or down and bounce in the field.
  • Sides: Fluffy Combo — A combo of punches and head.
  • Height: From behind – Dog-Reindeer the charges then inflate themselves and hit the enemy’s back.
  • below: Tail Sweep — Dog-Reindeer charges a powerful tail swipe that destroys armor.

Air Attacks

  • NEUTRAL : Same as ground attack
  • Sides : Reindeer Dog Spins quickly and gets hit many times.
  • height : Flying Bite — Reindeer Dog fangs on top of him.
  • Below : Tail Swipe — Reindeer Dog ccharges a powerful tail swipe that knocks enemies down.

Special Operations

  • Neutral: Leave-heart – Send a projectile leash connected to the Dog-Reindeer, which repeatedly deals damage to enemies it hits. The strap can be connect with different allies to extend its life. Use the same command to restore the tie and allies tied to it. There is one cooldown.
  • Sides : earthy : Flying Cabriole — Attack jumped forward.
    WIND : Fireworks Master — Attack spinning forward.
  • Height: earthy : Power Crystal Summon and charge a crystal above the Dog-Reindeer’s head. The charge increases the length at which the crystal is visible. It launches a bolt of lightning that knocks enemies to the ground and causes them to be “shocked”. a few seconds apart. If lightning strikes the Reindeer Dog or his ally, they will be electrocuted. They then “shock” the next enemy they hit.
    WIND : Flying Dog — Reindeer Dog fell and rolled on the ground. Allies can pick up the Reindeer Dog as an item and throw it at enemies.
  • Below : Earth : Fireball – Charge and launch a fireball projectile that follows an arc and inflicts a fire debuff on enemies it hits. Charging increases the distance the fireball travels. Creates a projectile wall of flame, inflicting a repeated burst of fire on enemies it hits. Allied projectiles that pass through it will inflict a fire penalty on impact.
    wind: Meteor — Same as ground attack, but the fireball is projected down without having to load.

What properties to choose?

  1. Crystalline Friend (unlocked level 8): This skill allows the Chien-Reindeer crystal to follow him slowly when he moves around the map. This can be used in 2v2 battles, as the crystal inflicts a “stunned” effect on both enemies and allies.
  2. Bad weather (unlocked level 2):​​​​Most of Reindog’s attacks consist of projectiles, so using this advantage increases his speed by 20%. If you want to use Reindog in melee, you can replace this skill with Tasmanian Trigonometry to increase knockback damage.
  3. Knows when to strike (unlocked level 7): This perk allows you and your allies to deal 5% more damage to weak enemies. This comes in handy because most of Reindog’s moves use different types of debuffs.


  • Tier 2: Dog time – your team will receive Projectile speed increased by 20%
  • Tier 3: Toast x5
  • Tier 4: Footwork – your team received a 5% dodge distance increase
  • Tier 5: Gold x100
  • Tier 6: OPENED the possibility of using the strength of an ally in team games
  • Tier 7: Know when to hit – your team executes 5% more damage to weak enemies.
  • Tier 8: Crystalline Friend – The Dog-Reindeer Crystal follow him if he falls.
  • Tier 9: Unlocks the ability to train any asset in the game
  • Tier 10: Ball of Fire – Creates a ball of fire at Dog-Reindeer an even bigger wall of fire when he hit the ground.
  • Tier 11: Static electricity – If allies move on the ground for 4 seconds, their next projectile causes enemies to “shock”. The count is reset when they leave the ground.
  • Tier 12: Tasmanian Trigonometry – Your Team Received 15% more Basic Directional Influence.
  • Level 13: Reciprocate vision – your team gives allies 3 points of gray health for 3 seconds when its projectiles knock down enemies.
  • Level 14: Dog-Reindeer Profile Icon
  • Level 15: Unique badge “Hound-Reindeer Victories: 0”

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