met a bargain hunter from Diddl in 2022

Anyone born in the 1990s knows Diddl’s leaf business at recess, the smell of popcorn scratching a drawing and Diddlina’s uneven hair knots. Available in all possible accessories and supplies, from paper bags to pillowcases, the star mouse of a generation ran out of steam at the end of the 2000s to die in 2014, bringing his team of friends. brought Fortunately, Maëlle, Diddl, Diddlina, Pimboli, Wollywell and others continue to live in the useless and ultra-marketed world of theirs. Fond of the little mouse in all its forms, this 27-year-old ceramic artist still collects Diddls, to see the world in pink and blue.

Konbini | What are your childhood memories of Diddl?

Maelle | Diddls came into my life after marbles and pogs, I must have been 10 years old. A store full of Diddl just opened in the mall in my hometown, and it was a blast at my school. I can draw this shop with my eyes closed, I was robbed a lot. My sister has a binder of 150 unique sheets wrapped in plastic, but I’m more like stuffed animals and stuff. I prefer the volume, it makes the Diddls more alive. I still have an image of my office in CM2: I have a purple Pimboli pencil case [l’ourson avec une petite crête, ndlr] very soft with a little sparkly pompom, a plastic coated Diddl pad and very fragrant pencils. My Diddls are friends, I take them to school and we barter in the yard. Also lost several sheets of exchanges that I wasn’t ready for.

Have you interrupted your collection at any time?

It was when digital came and I became a skyblogger that the Diddlverse ended for me. I am entering a period of transition and it is time to let go of childhood. We think growing up means moving from pink and purple to black, gray and beige. What’s crazy is that we all left Diddl at some point, but kept everything.

“Everyone should have an assigned Diddl”

What prompted you to reconnect with your old elementary school friends?

Diddls became a refuge for me when I had to go from teenager to young adult. This transition was so brutal and I felt the need to go back to the things that made me cringe at the time when everything was so bad. During the chaos and anxiety-provoking Covid-19, I also found something deeper in Diddl than when I was young, when my appeal was above all aesthetic. At first I thought that this attraction was nostalgic and to accompany the throwback of the 2000s, but it became a necessity for me. Everyone should have an assigned Diddl.

Can you tell me a little about your collection?

I usually have stuffed animals, including a Vanillivi [le mouton blanc, ndlr] who was in my attic for a long time, his eyes were yellow, he looked like he had smoked three firecrackers. I also have a two sheet workbook that I took out, and I subscribed Diddl Magwhere there are comics, creative hobbies, recipes… I remember I made a chocolate cake from Diddl Mag once he was amazing. I have piggy banks, jewelry boxes, key chains, small resin figurines, and even paper bags, that we keep! It is so sharp that everything lends itself to collecting, and between each page or bag there is always a detail that makes the item unique. In the schoolyards, we only exchanged duplicates, I think we were more attached to the sheets than the notebooks themselves. I also have stickers, The Book of Diddl and Friends who is a collector, and, of course, mugs, related to my fascination with ceramics.

Diddl’s production has been over for almost ten years, where can you find all these things?

Diddl is becoming rarer, but he’s still accessible. A quarter of my collection comes from my parents, but the rest are things found at flea markets, maybe a stuffed animal picked up at Vinted. You will inevitably find a Diddl at a flea market, and every time, the seller will say something like: “I hope you take care of it like I take care of it.” It is strange, I have the impression of participating in mourning the separation with the seller, because we all hold a sentimental attachment to it.

You are also inspired by this universe for Royal Câlin, your brand of ceramics where you create unique pieces, which are also soft, soothing and effortless. How does the Diddle universe affect your creations?

Diddl is about sharing, love and tolerance: he has many friends, all roses, and the evils of our world are not in him. We often find it difficult to express our feelings and to think about them; however, each sheet or item Diddl carries a message. That’s also what I want to do, with my creations: anchor messages of love in everyday life, like drinking coffee from a mug with “JTM” written on it. I love the fact that this universe is both cartoonish and dreamlike, which isn’t unusual. It’s just a distortion of reality, and I dig out things that I’m sensitive to put in my creations and bring back light and softness to our lives. And when I see the crazy creativity of the designer and the graphic universe that he gives life, with the effect of watercolor writing on paper or the legs of the cheese table, I say to myself. “Wow”. These are details that I didn’t notice before, I don’t have the same reading anymore. I looked at Diddl with my mature eyes, while awakening my inner child.

Do you have a favorite on the team?

When I was young, Pimboli, and Diddlina really tea star of the school, no doubt because this is the female Diddl and Diddls are usually collected by girls. But now, I love them all as they are. And when I look at a sheet, a stuffed animal or flip through a Diddl Magit acts like an antidepressant to me.

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