Lorraine Sorlet draws women, sex and love with sophistication

Lorraine Sorlet Lorraine launched her Instagram account in 2015 and the success of her drawings was immediate

Lorraine Sorlet

ART – Positive, cute and inclusive… According to this mantra Lorraine Sorlet attracts love, women and sex. “The positive side and the blue flower side is really my character. It is unconscious. I will not see myself drawing the dark side of love”, he explained in HuffPost. And the public, the big brands as much as their followers, are more likely to win.

Followed by almost 500,000 people on Instagram, Lorraine Sorlet lives completely from the sale of her creations, in t-shirts or posters, and collaborations, with New Yorker, Nike or even Microsoft. “I didn’t make a business plan. I had a lot of suggestions when I launched the account in 2015”, specified the artist.

While his works were very popular, he created an online store: “It did very well. I sell my own work, it’s a great concept”, he encourages. But if his drawings are very popular, above all because anyone will recognize them.

Love speaks to all

“Culturally, I like works that talk about love. It makes sense for me to represent her”, analyzes the young woman of 29 years. She takes small, intimate moments of everyday life, like taking a shower or cuddling in bed before going to sleep. It is not necessary to say that love, everyone is interested in it.

“Very caring, a lot of tenderness, supporting each other. People were very moved.” He often receives messages of congratulations, support or thanks. The latest? “Every time I look at one of your works, it makes me smile,” one observer wrote to him.

Long-distance couples are especially sensitive to this: “To wink at each other, to stay in touch. It helps them stay connected. ” The young woman sees her drawings as a “little cute” way of talking about sexuality, which is seen as a reliable alternative to the bare clichés we send each other. “Posting sexy photos on Instagram is complicated. The drawings are suggestive and not too raw. But it’s still sexy, you’ll really like it.”

There is no politics in his drawings

Lorraine Sorlet is also amazing with her pencil strokes. He uses a clear line technique: he systematizes the contours of his characters and objects, making his graphics excellent. His style, all in simplicity, almost childish, has been refined over the years and influences, such as comics and manga. “That’s why all the girls I draw are brunettes,” he laughs.

This does not prevent his creations from being inclusive, far from the ultra-sexual representation of women. “I find it very important to show them in their closeness and in this way”, explained the one who assured not to “put politics in his work.” She continued: “Even if I don’t agree with everything, I find feminism completely logical.”

A twin sister is also a designer

But if Lorraine Sorlet likes to draw love, maybe it’s because she misses it. “I had a difficult childhood,” he said. I was placed in foster care when I was 5 years old.” Very introverted, often in his bubble, he understood in kindergarten that drawing is an excellent way to be accepted and make friends. “That’s still the case today,” he admitted.

These tests, he shares them with his twin sister, Agathe, also a designer, whose style is close to his own. “We didn’t choose to be attracted to drawing. But we have a lot in common, cultural references, the same psychology”, Lorraine analyzed. Although she wanted to be separated from her sister – and Agathe too, having twins in the drawing remained strong. Even realized he: “We can touch many people because there are two of us.”

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