11 things you didn’t know about Love Actually

Hugh Grant’s dance, Little Sam’s song, the message board scene in the snow, the world’s tallest gift wrapping. Love Actually is all cult scenes, and full of mysteries.

1. Kris Marshall returned his check

The comedian Chris Marshall Camps Colin, the young bachelor who dropped everything to come to the United States, is confident that his British charm will allow him to seduce many women. He returned the production his salary for the scene where he shares a bed with three beautiful young women. He explained that he had so much fun shooting this scene 21 times that he didn’t want to be paid.

2. The frozen lake

When Colin Firthalias Jamy, has retired from Marseille and is writing his novel, his housekeeper Aurelia lets fly the leaves that land in the water of a lake. This one is actually about 50cm deep. So the two actors had to kneel down and lie down in the water, which was actually cold. The lake is also filled with mosquitoes. Colin Firth found his elbow swollen from multiple bites. The writing team also had a 45-minute meeting to choose the color of the young woman’s underwear. As a reminder, they are pale blue.

3. Hugh Grant’s dance

Hugh Grant refused for weeks to dance. The actor found that this scene, which was very funny, did not suit the role of Prime Minister that he had to embody. In the end he gave in to the requests of director Richard Curtis. And fortunately!

4. Billy Bob Thornton hates antiques

The American actor who portrays the cad President of the United States is scared furniture and other antique pieces, a very strange phobia, we agree. For fun during filming, Hugh Grant took an old thing out of his pockets before the shoot to drive his partner crazy.

5. Emma Thompson is skinny

The actress looks a bit chubby in the film. Her silhouette is completely different from her husband’s secretary, Mia. He was actually wearing a suit fat suit to look bigger. This is a technique often used when actors refuse to gain weight for a role.

6. Thomas Sangster is 13 years old

The boy who plays Sam is supposed to be 13 in the film, and he is actually that age. Ten years later, when he was 23 years old, his character in the series Game of Thrones also believed to be 13 years old.

7. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Remember, at the beginning of the film during Peter and Juliet’s wedding, Colin insulted the chef who prepared the appetizers. This scene was originally written for Hugh Grant and the awkward and awkward character he played in Four Weddings and a Funeral, released in 1994.

8. 22 Indeed

The word Actual is uttered 22 times throughout the film by various characters. We’re sure you’ll be counting the next time you see it…

9. Andrew Lincoln’s beautiful handwriting

If there is a romantic scene par excellence, it is that of the cardboard panels. Comedian Andrew Lincoln likes to write himself various panels that he scrolls before the eyes of a Keira Knightley dumb. He found her writing very beautiful. And he was right.

10. Bernard

Bernard is the name of the “terrible” son of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. In every film by Richard Curtis there is a relatively bad or insignificant character, named Bernard. And yes, remember Four Weddings and a Funeral, it’s about the mustachioed bachelor who marries Lydia. In Coup de Foudre à Nothing Hill, it was Hugh Grant’s banker friend, played by Hugh Bonneville. There is an explanation for this. Richard Curtis watched as his girlfriend left him in college for a Bernard.

11. 3975 euros per second

The appearance of Claudia Schiffer about one minute and thirty seconds. He appears at the end of the film and impresses Liam Neeson. For this service, the German model was paid 200,000 pounds, or 238,510 euros, making a salary of 3975 euros per second of play. Not bad!

Article found on Cosmopolitan.co.uk

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