Why do we love each other more on vacation?

Sea, sex and sun. If the summer triptych sung by Gainsbourg seems at first glance to be full of the unused, it nevertheless shows a proven sociological reality: the French.es (many) love their holidays, a fortiori during summer.

According to a 2015 IFOP study, 54% of our compatriots say that they have more sex when they are on vacationwith a predilection for intercourse when getting out of bed and/or after dark.

“That’s really my favorite part of going on a trip: you finally get to be together and be together real time to have sex!”, confirmed Laurie, 31, in a relationship for 7 years.

At the head of his own micro-enterprise, the 30-year-old confides that he has no heart for physical love for the rest of the year, his professional daily life leaving little time and energy for practicing continuously sexual activity. . “My boyfriend is also a freelancer, so we both always work and don’t put too many limits on ourselves. Between that and other tasks, we end the day washed up and we never a mood sexy,” he said.

Work-meter-sleep: the libido-killing routine

And for good reason, if the holidays rhyme (always) with joy, it’s because the rest of the year is usually assimilated into a steamroller of repeated, stressful and exhausting obligations that act as killers of love, which consigns our sex life to the rank of the great forgotten.

“In the year, the individual is subjected to a fire of orders and rules that restrict him, but he must respect,” explains Valérie Sengler, psychoanalyst, author of The reduction that heals (Self-published, 2022).

“Playing sports, eating a balanced diet, having a cultural life, going out, having friends, succeeding at work: Urban lifestyles leave little time for rest, even sex“, Isabelle Alet, sexologist, asked Marie Claire in August 2021 about sex boredom.

If laziness is good

Result ? When our only obligations for the day are getting down to breakfast at the hotel before 10 a.m. or reading in a deckchair on the beach, without a Gmail notification or a pediatrician appointment to cram in, the our libido has a lot of space and time to perfect. express themselves.

“Less pressure, anxiety, complete mental load to guide the individual towards perhaps more regular acts of sex in the summer”, Valérie Sengler said.

Heed the dictates of an improved summer sex life

Only, while stressing the benefits of greater indolence to the feeling (and satisfaction) of one’s libido, the psychoanalyst nevertheless warns against the dictates of a performative summer sexuality.

“During the holidays, the orders remain but change in nature and purpose. It is a question, in a new and repeated way, of ‘profit’ (we note the consumerist and financial meaning of term)”, he qualified.

The “hot summer” culture can lead couples (like singles) to feel “forced” to improve the pace of their sex life, especially if it is (relatively) nonexistent.

Sun, light and endorphins

But the (relative) elimination of mental load and the extra availability offered by the holidays are not the only ones responsible for this coital boost.

Some natural aphrodisiacs will complete this summer saddle-up. “Sunshine inspires people“, said Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor of the dating app Match, in a press release taken by the site. turmoil.

“That’s because the pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin during the generally low light of the winter months, which makes people slower and sleepy. energy and optimism, which increases our sexuality”, he explained in the comments which is taken from the site turmoil.

According to the article, sunny days also boost our happiness hormones such as endorphins and, by extension, our good mood and our self-confidence, indispensable ingredients for a fulfilling life in sex.

“In the human species, intercourse is spread throughout the year and the frequency is almost the same”, nuance of couple therapist Philippe Brenot in release.

“All the same increases in spring, where we notice an increase in sex hormones but also in the size of the testicles”, he specified.

What gives us more reason to leave living in the sun all year round.

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