Love Project: The New Concerns

The angst of young adults faced with a life of many choices is a popular theme in Quebec cinema. We saw this recently in Go to bed Nicole by Stéphane Lafleur and What are we doing here? by Julie Hivon. Now added characters to Project of Love by Carole-Laure.

Updated October 20, 2014

Andre Duchesne

When the characters of the first two films are in their early twenties, Louise, Alex and Julie in Project of Love more in transition towards their thirties. But their concerns are the same.

“Everyone works with their eyes, Carole Laure, who has not seen the films of her two colleagues. For my part, I want to make a film about young people who are very worried about their future and the choices they make because everything is possible. It’s very different from my generation, where we weren’t raised with a screen at our fingertips.”

What he called “new concerns” did not prevent those who carried them with feelings that crossed generations. First and foremost, love. The stories of each character in the film prove this. Alex (Benoît McGinnis) is in love with Louise (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau), who is struggling to let go. Meanwhile Julie (Natacha Filiatrault) leads an unsatisfying consumer sex life.

In search of love, these characters sometimes forget that they are able to spread it, even awkwardly, around them, whether it is Alex for his father, Louise for Eve (Alice Morel-Michaud), “little sister who girl” he watches over, or Julie for his son Diamond.

“Beyond the concerns, I want to show the humanity of everyone,” said the director.

Centered on one character, his previous films were, in the words of Carole Laure, “more therapeutic”. Project of Love is the main result of his observations on the generation of his children. It is also built around a mosaic (he does not like the expression choral film) whose various elements are involved in the preparation of a multidisciplinary show directed by Touga (Céline Bonnier).

The use of multidisciplinary performance (songs, music, contemporary dance) in the scenario is not accidental. It constitutes a sounding board for the plural choices faced by the characters.

For the first time, Carole Laure bet on the creative talent of her partner, Lewis Furey, for the composition of the soundtrack. “He is used to writing considering the drama of a film. He knew I wanted songs and music to carry the story,” he said.

This is the case, for example, when Alex declares his love for Louise. How did he answer her? Through his movements, his departure, during a tango they dance.

Gilles Carle, the master

Singer, dancer, actress, screenwriter, producer, director, Carole Laure has done it all. But his first job was the cinema, he insisted. And this, because of his work with Gilles Carle.

“I like to play with Gilles who, moreover, made me discover all aspects of cinema,” he said. He was very educational, he took me to the editing room, introduced me to directing. When I was very young, after making some films with him, he said to me: “You, one day, you will direct.” He was the first one to tell me.

Carole Laure did not believe at once. He has so much to do, so many role proposals to defend! One day, after a friend gently teased him for always working together and told him it was time to lead a personal project, he launched himself. It gives The Children of Marya film that ended up at Critics’ Week in Cannes.

“When I found myself there, who do you think I was thinking of if not him? Thanks to Gilles, I am above all a film girl. I am very proud that he has seen my films.

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