In the country of Morlaix, the artist Annaig Le Berre still and always sends her love of embroidery – Morlaix

Annaig Le Berre’s clear eyes were smiling and sparkling. The artist, who is 75 years old, looks at and presents, at the same time, the final developments of Locmélar’s embroidered flag, one of the visible parts of his great project “Weavers of links”. He is happy. He also wanted to start… But the tremors in his hands, which had appeared before, prevented him from doing everything he wanted. “That’s it… I’ve done a lot of embroidery, you should accept old age. That’s why I advise, I draw, I give hints of colors, I guide. »

Nationally recognized skills

His skills and his contribution to the revival of embroidery in Brittany were recognized beyond the country of Morlaix. At the beginning of 2022, the “Inventory sheet of intangible cultural heritage in France” mentions it, for example, in the “Valorization actions to report”.

“Weavers of links”, which brought together 120 volunteers and amateur embroiderers, was praised for promoting “both the religious heritage, through flags, and the intangible heritage, through embroidery and legends associated with with the saints, while creating social relationships” .

Annaig Le Berre was first trained at the Beaux-Arts in Quimper… Later, she refined her techniques by training in tapestry in Angers. He also participated in the restoration of the Apocalypse, a masterpiece of medieval art that can be found in the Château d’Angers. (The Telegram/Cécile Renouard)

A big recognition… That made Annaig Le Berre smile. With humility, he wants to remember that “all this, all this change around embroidery is linked to Viviane Hélias”. “He trained” especially the couturier Pascal Jaouen, or even “Jean-Michel Perennec, of Le Minor”.

A vocation born in the chapels

We reminded him that he was the one we met. His eyes closed… He smiled, amused… And so spoke to himself a little. “My vocation to embroidery was born in the chapels where my father, a civil engineer, took me. »

The little girl at that time looked, for many hours, at these chapels near Quimper where the family lived, chapels full of “altarpieces, polychrome statues, flags… When she saw I them that I decided to translate emotions through embroidery. The Breton art that marked him: “This Breton art that is a religious art, whether we like it or not”, he remembers.

At one point, I told myself that between the bottles and the diapers I would die… I started to embroider. Embroidery is like yoga breathing.

The joy of touch

The girl’s family environment can also influence her trajectory… “My grandmother was a seamstress and I hid the joy of touch from her”. His mother “who did not work, like any good bourgeois of the time” also played a specific role: “She embroiders… In that atmosphere, I watched a lot, felt, learned. »

After his baccalaureate, he chose the Beaux-Arts in Quimper, “an interesting period in May 68”, and benefited from the influence of “Jean Le Merdy, who has a unique vision of color”.

But it was only a few years ago that she really took up embroidery, after the close birth of her children: “At one point, I said to myself that between bottles and diapers, I would die. The word came out, loud and free. “I started embroidering… I discovered that embroidering is like breathing in yoga. »

Annaig Le Berre treasures the words left by her young students.  He has a lot
Annaig Le Berre treasures the words left by her young students. He has already “sent” a lot to the country of Morlaix through his interventions in schools. In particular, he was a teacher for many years at Saint-Augustin, in Morlaix. (The Telegram/Cécile Renouard)

Leave a mark for future generations

The “virus” of this textile art, as he called it, he did not release: “And as I saw it was extraordinary, I felt the need to send it immediately. » In the country of Morlaix, he taught it here and there, especially in schools: «My greatest interest is working with kindergarten and primary school students. »

Four years ago, when Annaig Le Berre launched with Xavier, her husband, the great project of “Weavers of links” the same desire for “transmission” was present: “I found it necessary to leave a trace for future generations, as the ancients did before us. » A project that won him a new smile: « What happened is amazing… Everyone came to embroider! I heard a former craftsman who justifies his lateness at home by saying “leave me alone, I have to finish my masonry”… He embroiders under a waterfall! »

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