this summer, more abandonment for less SPA adoption

“The problem during the summer is that people adopt less because they are on vacation. And at the same time, we face many requests for leave, at the moment we have at least one every day ,” added Fanny Buchakjian.

Valuable help from volunteers

Outside, the dogs were excited as he walked past their box. But they didn’t have long to wait before the volunteers from the shelter arrived for walking time. “Every morning, volunteers come to take care of the dogs before 11 a.m., when it’s not too hot,” he said.

Because the heat wave spared no one. Garden hoses as misters overhang each cage to comfort the animals when it is over 28°C and several swimming pools are available. In the center of the shelter, Rex, Ghost, Jumpse and Osco are in larger boxes outside, because “they are dogs with special needs. But it is also for their safety and the agents who enter the boxes to feed them or treat them”.

About sixty dogs are welcome at this shelter.

Thibault Toulemonde

Go back inside the cat’s side. One room, where you must enter with overshoes, is dedicated to kittens that have not been tested or vaccinated. “Some are less than two months old so we wait before putting them up for adoption to wean them,” said the group leader. Here are fourteen little kittens that need to be adopted soon. Some are very scared, but others are already players.

In total, about fifty cats were welcomed into the shelter. “For the cats, it is special, there are many in the shelter like relay families”, specified Léna Falléry.

Fanny Buchakjian has been a team leader for over a year.

Fanny Buchakjian has been a team leader for over a year.

Thibault Toulemonde

“It’s like musical chairs”

Relay families are the homes that take the cats first, to try to alleviate the lack of space in the shelter. “Now, we have about ten families with three or four kittens each,” said Fanny Buchakjian. For five years, these families, also frequent volunteers of the association, have been a real relay. Léna Falléry has been a volunteer and relay family for almost seven years. “When there is a need, I am there. »

In addition to her seven cats and two dogs, the volunteer welcomed a cat and her six children. “And then when they are adopted, I welcome the others, it’s like musical chairs, it’s spinning all the time,” he joked. The interest of the families in the relay is also the beginning of the socialization of the animals. In Léna Falléry, when the quarantine of the kittens was over, the latter was able to start regularly with the other inhabitants of the house. “This speeds up the moment they arrive with the family after the adoption, usually a month and a half later”, commented Fanny Buchakjian.

A follow-up is also done with relay families, with visits from volunteers. But here too, the SPA has many needs, which is why the shelter often calls out to their social networks.

Go to the source of the problem

Despite the help of relay families, the needs are still great. “Every year, it is critical during the summer, but in general we are always overloaded”, complained Fanny Buchakjian. As of June 30, the shelter has 349 abandoned for 298 adoptions. “Our solution for us is to be aware of social networks, but also at the time of adoption,” he added. On SPA’s Youtube channel, a video posted a month ago titled “The reasons to love it” has now reached over 50,000 views.

“Every year, it is critical during the summer, but in general we are always overweight”

“But our real goal is to go to the source of the problem,” said Fanny Buchakjian. For cats, the problem mainly comes from kittens born from stray cats. “Every year, we offer sterilization vouchers in town halls, in addition to our own campaigns, to limit this uncontrolled birth. But unfortunately it doesn’t work in all town halls,” said the group’s leader. “In spite of everything, there are free cat associations that are very effective, let’s say we are fighting for the same cause”, adds Léna Falléry. This collaboration can also be seen between different “SPA or not” resorts, Fanny Buchakjian specified.

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