Here’s your horoscope for Thursday, July 28, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or health wise? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: You will be happy to be surrounded by your true friends. After these past painful weeks, this breath of fresh air will allow you to breathe a little and regain the human warmth you need.

Work-Money: By challenging luck, it will happen in the end! All it takes is a little patience, your efforts will pay off in the end. In any case, given your rather complicated situation, every sign seems to be positive for you.

Health: Go outside, get plenty of air and practice outdoor sports.

Mood: Very good day.

Tip: A few flowers will give your home a little festive air. Indulgence.


Love: Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? Looks like that’s your new motto! Your relationship as a couple is likely to be mediocre because you tend to show a dangerous slowness. Single, rejoice! You dream of passionate love and the stars will satisfy you in the coming weeks.

Work-Money: You lack energy at work. You feel the need to take a vacation because you know it’s not the right time. You should focus all your energy on the project that is most important to you and not be distracted by secondary considerations.

Health: Your condition is very good. Improve your lifestyle.

Mood: Complicated day!

Tip: Find a physical activity that allows you to exercise while having fun.



Love: You are irresistible without doing anything for it! When you find a soul mate, you may not realize your success. We hope that the time for revelations will come before it is too late.

Money at Work: Small promptings of God will unblock a complicated situation. Your daily work will give you great satisfaction, even if some small obstacles remain to be overcome. Unexpected cash flow is possible.

Health: You will benefit from good immunity but remember to channel your excess energy.

Mood: Touching day.

Tip: Be careful, don’t wear more than three different colors if you want to stay classy!


Love: If love can come suddenly, it can also leave in the same way. Beware of disappointment or burning feelings that will hurt you later.

Money at Work: You may be better organized and more short-sighted than usual! It pays off if you keep up the pace and treat your people with consideration. In the material realm, there are no certainties. Ask yourself the right questions and don’t act on a poorly controlled impulse.

Health: Stress is reduced, it is good for you. Finally. You will feel better about yourself and want to rethink your health and your shape.

Mood: Nothing is perfect!

Advice: In the decoration, do not try to be original at all costs, choose what you like, too bad if it is classic!


Love: Single, a very good time for your affairs of the heart. Your feelings are ignited when you are with your loved one. However, the astral environment will cause some tension in your emotional relationships. Take the time to listen to your loved ones.

Work-Money: You are in a good time of dynamism and your creative spirit is bubbling all the time. You have excellent ideas to offer and your superiors will listen to you with interest. On the other hand, you should remain cautious on the financial side.

Health: Don’t wait until you’re sick to see the dentist. Try to relax.

Mood: cloudless day!

Tip: You have energy to burn, so exercise regularly.


Love: Very good weather, although some lively discussions between your friends and your partner are possible. You appreciate people with strong character and they will definitely return it to you.

Work-Money: The professional sector may have surprises in store for you. You have prepared the ground as much as possible to create new projects, but unexpected events may cause some setbacks.

Health: Take care of yourself.

Mood: Very positive day.

Tip: Before starting a recipe for a complex dish, check that you have all the ingredients.


Love: It’s time to start over. You need to establish a new form of communication to start again on better grounds.

Work-Money: You have the energy to pursue your ideas. Don’t wait for someone else’s permission, do it.

Health: Your tone may be jagged.

Mood: You have the wind in your sails.

Tip: It doesn’t hurt to bring gloves with some people. It may still be useful.


Love: It is possible that some confusion will arise in your family life. The stars will be happy to spoil the tracks. This is not a favorable time to make important decisions. Better to wait to see more clearly.

Work-Money: Your creativity is especially fruitful today. You can take calculated risks. The important thing is to prioritize your work. You can be the star of the day if you dare to present your ideas or projects.

Health: You feel a little lost and your morale tends to drop. Of course not everything is clear but that does not mean that everything is bad, on the contrary. Now is the time to be energetic and strong. Relax and trust yourself.

Mood: The stars swell the tracks.

Advice: Consider the expectations around you before making a decision in any field.


Love: There is sweetness and tenderness. The hearts that are taken will become victims of a thunderstorm. On the other hand, as a family, you will get the impression that your loved ones are with you. However, the truth is less dire than you might think.

Work-Money: This day is favorable for all kinds of methods, contacts. You fill out your address book. But you are in a calm period for these sectors. You have to be patient.

Health: You’re in good shape, why don’t you take the opportunity to play sports?

Mood: Good day overall.

Tip: Wear happy and refreshing colors that match your good mood.


Love: You need tenderness. Single, you risk falling for someone who isn’t right for you, especially if it’s on a dating site. Try to stay clear! As a couple, your partner will support you through difficult times.

Work Money: You can score big points as part of your work. Like a turtle, you move slowly but surely and wisely. This is the key to success.

Health: Possible back pain. You are fully contracted. Straighten up and stand up straight.

Mood: Luck will favor you.

Advice: You have great ideas, do them before someone else has the idea to steal them from you.


Love: You will receive good news. Your optimism can be contagious and show to your partner. Good humor as a principle of life? More people should join thanks to you.

Money at Work: You will find unexpected support from a colleague. Do not doubt, collaboration can be beneficial. Why not change its temporary nature to permanent?

Health: You need rest for all the tasks ahead of you.

Mood: Happy day.

Tip: Discover the qualities of kiwi that will bring you as much if not more vitamin C than an orange.


Love: To your surprise, a friendly feeling can turn into something more tender. Do you dare to express yourself and try the great adventure or risk losing your loved one?

Work-Money: This day will be very good for success or social status, you need to give yourself the means. Do not hesitate to do a little to be noticed, it should pay off at this time.

Health: You still benefit from good tone, but avoid excess and watch your weight. Do whatever it takes to stay in shape.

Mood: Amazing day in more ways than one!

Tip: Choose clothes that are comfortable but look better on you. Don’t neglect the seduction aspect.

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