Casamiam, an app for direct selling

Created by Christophe Longle-Veerman and his son, the Casamiam application connects producers and consumers. The platform allows customers to reserve products from local producers for direct sale.

Christophe Longle-Veerman (right) next to Agathe, Lucie and Kévin, who accompanied him on the Casamiam adventure. © Casamiam

The value must return to the world of agriculture. It is with this idea in mind that Christophe Longle-Veerman, the son of a farmer, made the application to Casamiam last year. The goal: to connect producers and consumers by allowing farmers or artisans to easily sell their products directly to local customers.

Having a long experience in mass distribution, as a sales representative, marketing director, as well as a buyer, in France and abroad, Christophe Longle-Veerman, 56, never dared to start entrepreneurship. In 2020, he returns to the land of his childhood, and sees the ruins of his father’s farm: “There is nothing left, it’s a shock. » This observation echoes another concern: the detection of 40% supermarket margins on carrots from the next farm”.

From there the idea of ​​Casamiam was born. “Part of the future of the agricultural world depends on direct sales to preserve its margins, and whoever says that sales in 2022 must mean digital sales. »

It is with his son, Henri, 27, who now works at Doctolib, that he refined this project, together with the region and the Hauts-de-France renewal and development agency, where they were awarded a call for projects. ” I know the world of agriculture and trade. Henri knows the technique. He was finishing his computer studies and had to do a year-long project. Naturally we decided to find Casamiam together. » A project that provides producers “a simple and economical solution he summarized.

No wholesale

“Jlike the world of crafts, the world of agriculture, good products, diversity and good food. I told myself that the future should not be about standardization and being limited to a variety of carrots, or wheat, this is heresy for biodiversity”, he explained. A vision of “good food” that inspires the choice to reserve Casamiam only for people ” fmake products with their hands, not those who buy in bulk to sell later”, he introduced. With this in mind, diversity is emphasized, as well as the fact that local products represent a smaller impact on the environment compared to products from the other side of the world.

After a trial in the Valenciennes sector, the application was officially launched in 2021 in the Hauts-de-France region. Thirty producers registered. Fishmongers, farmers, microbreweries, bakers, delicatessens, pastry chefs and even cheesemakers.

Now 200 people use it every week to order products. For the consumer, all he has to do is geolocate himself, then choose the products that interest him from the producers around him. He just needs to go and collect his order and pay it directly to the producer.

The application is also intended to be easy to use for the farmer: ” it takes between 10 and 30 seconds to add a product to the catalog” or remove it, depending on the stocks, determines Christophe Longle-Veerman.

Casamiam does not accept commission on orders. The tool works with a monthly subscription of 17 € paid by the sellers. Producers choose all methods of selling products, from the place of withdrawal to the prices of their goods.

Added value for local producers

With this application, there is no need for standardized products. The producer can sell all his products. that” helps sustain independent producers. » In the first eight months of the application’s existence, market gardeners who sell Casamiam thus generated an average turnover of €9,000 and €17,000 for artisans.

Next step for Christophe Longle-Veerman: extend Casamiam throughout France and offer micro-websites to each producer to allow consumers to get to know them better.

Celia Bouriez

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