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Fortnite players have finally left the game because of endless glitches and bugs that affect their overall gaming experience. The last problem in the game is teleporting the loot from the chest to another location, and this is very annoying for the players.

Player feedback is one of the many things that Epic takes seriously and aims to improve with each major weekly update or minor patches from time to time. There are always times when these bugs become annoying as they affect the overall gaming experience of the player.

Fortnite players have seen bugs ranging from getting stuck at the bottom of the map to taking damage after jumping on a launch pad. From pros to content creators, everyone took to social media to call on developers to “fix the game.”


However, a recent update, v21.30, left behind a bug that is testing the patience of all active Fortnite players at the moment – ​​possibly the most annoying Fortnite bug ever. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Fortnite bug teleports chests to other locations

A strange Fortnite bug that is going viral on social media right now is the loot box bug. It all started when Epic added the v21.30 update and introduced players to this year’s summer event, No Sweat Summer.

The update also saw the addition of the Prime Shotgun which is considered to be the best shotgun in Chapter 3. While all the additions are interesting and exciting for players, the bug left behind by the game update still lingers on. player who failed to win. game like before.

The bug, as seen in the clip above, teleports the loot chest to a nearby outdoor location when a player opens a chest inside a building. This is very annoying because it doesn’t allow the player to steal immediately like they usually do when landing a hot drop.

Players have started uploading their loot box bug clips and calling for the game to come out and fix this issue. This bug also creates double work for players who want to play a fast-paced Battle Royale game.

Several FNCS players joined the conversation who felt that this bug could cost them many games where they would lose at a major level of competition. The entire community joined in asking the developers to fix the game as soon as possible.

While Fortnite has not addressed this issue in their social media management or Trello board, it can also be explained that players in higher ping regions may only experience the bug. However, the player base has high hopes to fix these issues as soon as possible.

While bugs and glitches continue to add to the many problems that fill Fortnite, events like No Sweat Summer keep the community excited for more in-game content and freebies they can get. No Sweat Summer challenges are now live in-game and players can redeem their share of rewards after completing them.

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