All about the love story between Pénélope and Dominic d’Alertes

Pénélope Roy and Dominic Lacroix are both involved in the investigation files of the special squad for missing persons. Very kind and caring towards the victims and their loved ones, they work well together. As time passes, it becomes apparent to everyone that they are more than just partners…

It’s in the series Amber Alert that we meet Dominic Lacroix (Charles-Alexandre Dubé) for the first time. He is always there to support Valérie Sénéchal (Madeleine Péloquin), who lives long days of pain after the loss of her two sons. When the series continues under the name ofAlerts, Pénélope Roy (Catherine Bérubé), criminologist and psychologist from the Victims Assistance Unit, joins the team of the special squad for the missing, where she is called to work in close collaboration with Dominic. We immediately felt that Pénélope and Dominic knew each other very well and appreciated each other very much.

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Penelope’s arrival makes everyone on the squad happy… especially Dominic!

The time of restoration

Penelope’s arrival is a good thing for everyone. He has great qualities, and his ability to listen is good for victims and their loved ones. Hugo Champagne (Éric Robidoux), Pénélope’s ex-husband, is also called to work regularly with the team. Penelope and he have not been together for a long time, but they are very close to each other and share custody of their daughter Mia (Marilou Forgues). The disappearance of a girl Mia knows well is also one of the investigations on which the special squad works.

Everyone knows Penelope and appreciates her very much. However, Dominic saw in him more than a companion, or even a friend. Penelope really likes him and we know, at some point, that they will see each other outside of work. Dominic is shy and reserved and afraid to rush or rush Penelope. He prefers to take his time and give her all the room she needs to live her family life. It’s true that Mia is the most important person to Penelope and she’s not sure if she’s ready to let a new man into her life — let alone her son.

It took a long time for Mia to accept her new stepfather.

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It took a long time for Mia to accept her new stepfather.

one step at a time

Dominic sometimes struggles to find his place between Penelope and Hugo, who are very close and there for each other. Although he had no doubt that Penelope was no longer in love with her ex, the latter remained important to her. Dominic wants to take his relationship with Penelope more seriously, but he is afraid of doing too much. Penelope interprets this reserve as a lack of interest. So co-workers and friends will need a good conversation to clarify things and understand how much they are interested in each other.

Dominic is a bit intimidated by the presence of Hugo, Penelope's ex, with whom he remains very close.

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Dominic is a bit intimidated by the presence of Hugo, Penelope’s ex, with whom he remains very close.

At first, Dominic only saw Penelope during the days Mia was with her father. However, very quickly, he was invited to a first official family dinner, where he met the teenager. The affair did not go as well as Penelope and Dominic had hoped. However, the ice is broken, and Mia allows herself to be slowly tamed by her mother’s new lover. Dominic never tries to take Hugo’s place and is always there and attentive when Mia needs him, which Penelope really appreciates.

This is serious!

Dominic is not the type of person to shout from the rooftops that he is in love. His companions realize all the same that something is happening between Penelope and him. Once he overcomes his shyness, he becomes comfortable with Penelope and takes more initiatives in their relationship. No relationship is perfect, but Penelope and Dominic can be proud that they are doing well as a couple and that they are able to talk to each other when something happens. Work, stress and daily life sometimes affect their mood, without suffering in the relationship. Will the arrival of Dominic’s mother change next season?

In the end, Dominic and Penelope form a beautiful blended family with Hugo and Mia.

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In the end, Dominic and Penelope form a beautiful blended family with Hugo and Mia.

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