What anime to watch this summer on Crunchyroll, DNA and Netflix?

After a lackluster spring season, despite an excellent adaptation of Spy X Family (the sequel is planned for the fall), here is the second batch of the year available on various SVOD platforms .

The Japan Expo has ended since July 17, 2022, this is an opportunity to get the thread of the new anime (or to continue the ongoing ones). It’s been a habit since the Wakanim merger, but the entire lineup is on Crunchyroll. However, ADN doesn’t have to be bogged down with a mix of recent exclusives and older titles. The arrival of Hajime no Ippo is a small event in itself for all fans of boxing or sports anime in general.

Anime on Crunchyroll

Made in the Abyss (season 2)

Announced at the last moment on the platform to raise the buzz, the second season of Made in the Abyss is a series of summer events. If you had to choose just one title, this would be the one to see, even if it is intended for an informed public. The anime was the surprise of 2017, and the film released in 2020 proves the exceptional quality of this adaptation of the manga by Akihito Tsukushi (the 10th volume will come out at the beginning of the school year of Ototo, by the way). The story continues in the 6th level of the Abyss where our heroes discover the city of no return (start from the 6th volume to find). 12 episodes are planned. Important information: the first season, which is currently only available on Wakanim, should soon be coming to Crunchyroll as well.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (season 2)

Have you seen the first season? It is normal, it has not been published in France since its release in Japan in 2013. The Devil is a Part-Timer! is one of the most famous “reverse isekai” light novels. The hero here is not transported to a fantasy world. It is the opposite! It is pushed into our world, in this case Tokyo. And it’s not just anyone, because it’s a Demon King who wants to conquer the world. Except that in order to survive, he is forced to work in a fast food restaurant. As you can see, this is more of a wacky comedy than an epic adventure story. The series was produced by Studio 3Hz (Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online). Although nothing has been announced, we are crossing our fingers that the first season will be put online on the platform.

Elite Classroom (season 2)

Another second season that has been a long time coming. Released in 2017, the Lerche studio series (the excellent and unreleased Astra – Lost in Space) was a huge success. Class of Elites takes place in the best high school in Japan with a very special education system: each class receives points according to the results and behavior of the students. These points are real money to shop on campus. Kiyotaka Ayanokôji finds himself in the worst class in high school. Its goal: to improve the results of his colleagues in order to pass the higher classes… Although tainted by fan service, this adaptation of a light novel is above all a fierce criticism of the system of education in Japan. 13 episodes are planned and the third season will be aired next year.

Lycoris Recoil

First realization of Shingo Adachi, one of the pillars of Sword Art Online (character designer and animation director), Lycoris Recoil centers on Chisato and Takina, members of a secret crime-fighting organization. And when they are not on a mission, they tend to a café… The pitch is not a dream on paper, but it is an original creation and has A-1 Pictures behind it, the quality in animation is the appointment. The series will run for 13 episodes.

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Sanctuary

The announcement that we did not expect, because we thought that the project was buried only after the disastrous return of the Netflix series since 2019. Therefore, the massacre of the famous franchise will continue to recreate the famous Battle of the Sanctuary , the most famous bow of Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac. No date has been announced, but this new season should arrive during the summer.

Other period titles include: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammeradaptation of a manga by Satoshi Mizukami (Planet Other), football again with Shoot! Aim for the Futurea Science SARU series without Masaaki Yuasa appearing Yurei Decoisekai with Black Summonerthe last time of Utawarerumonoseason 2 of House of Shadows and finally the arrival of Vinland Sagauntil now reserved for Prime Video (which here is the translation and the VF is now on Blu-ray at Kazé).

Must-see anime on Anime Digital Network (DNA)

Overlord (season 4)

4 years after the last season, Ainz Ooal Gown returns to continue his conquest of the world. In this new arc, taken from the 10th volume of the light novel, his goal is to create a kingdom where all races can live together. But the leaders of other countries are plotting to oppose this utopian project. ADN maintains simulcast exclusivity of the series from Madhouse, although the first three seasons are also available on Prime Video. 13 episodes are planned for this new season and if you want to continue, the first 13 light novel volumes (out of 15) are available from Ofelbe.

night call

night call centers on the relationship between Kô Yamori, an asocial 14-year-old middle school student, and Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire. Kô also wants to become a creature of the night, but for the young vampire to accept his request, he must fall in love with her… Produced by Liden Films, the anime is adapted from the eponymous manga coming to France this fall by Kurokawa . 13 episodes are planned.


In addition to these two titles, you can always follow the continuation of the fourth season of kingdombut also new titles that improve the platform: Shakugan no Shana (season 1), Aldnoah Zero (also on Crunchyroll), Hajime no Ippo (20 episodes from July 27), two films by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Bad City from July 25 and Demon City Shinjuku July 29) and the feature film children of the sea (from July 31).

New anime on Netflix


After the 1998 film, Sprigganalso known in France as striker of the manga, now benefits from a new adaptation. Yu Ominae is a Spriggan, an elite agent of an organization called ARCAM, whose mission is to protect the artifacts of an ancient civilization from its usurpers. Surely you know the feature film Hirotsugu Kawasaki released fifteen years ago on DVD by HK Video. It only adapted one arc from the manga. This new adaptation by David Production (fire force) offers 6 (one per 45-minute period).

Just stupid!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy

Again, this is a new adaptation, ever Just stupid!! by Kazushi Hagiwara was adapted 20 years ago in OVA form (6 episodes released directly to video). This is Liden Films (tokyo revenge) who took care of transposing this popular dark fantasy river manga, which has sold more than 30 million copies since 1988 (27 volumes). After the fall of modern civilization in 2008, the world returned to the Middle Ages. 400 years later, to save the kingdom of Metalicana, Tya Note Yoko, the daughter of the country’s great magician, resurrected the legendary wizard Dark Schneider who 15 years ago tried to conquer the world. If these ambitions remain, however he decides to help the young woman… 13 episodes are available at the moment and 11 more will come from mid-September.

Apart from these two titles, you can also search Vinland Saga on the platform. But beware, it’s not the same version as Crunchyroll. The Netflix version has a different translation and above all a specific French dubbing with an impressive cast of dubbing actors. You can find more details in the video dedicated to this topic on ViCklatereur.

Finally, for lovers of Gambling Schoolthe spin-off twinswhich is still produced by MAPPA, will be available from August 4th.

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