the underside of Secret Nights

The festival no longer has any secrets for us: it is boiling, presents the best artists from all walks of life and has many surprises in store, both musical and culinary. Secret Nights are held from July 22 to 24, Tsugi is there and gives you his secret garden.

Friday night, at a TER dirty. The mines were gray, we were surrounded by commuters and with the heat wave, the week was tough for everyone. But as they approached the Aulnoye-Aymeries station, a crowd of people was preparing to leave, armed with sleeping bags and plastic bags overflowing with cans. With a €20 camping pass, our fellow trainees didn’t miss out. The festival is only 15 minutes walk from the station. The closer we got, the more we could hear the bass vibrations reverberating and the smell of beer that we thought was lukewarm. In the entry line, people are released. The “bottoms up” followed each other under the kindness of volunteers who sprayed us with water and broadcast messages of prevention. The entrance to the festival is unforgettable: a large moon imagined by Luke Jerram overlooking the site. Good thing we made it to Nuits Secrètes. Come on, we’ll take you through these 3 days of madness. Destination ? The moon.

Les Nuits Secrètes continues to grow. The festival now has 4 different stage spaces. the big stage which welcomes headliners often associated with rap, Damso, Rilès, NLPOboy, Orelsan to give immediately to dj for closings: Charlotte de Witte, Jamie XX, Vitalic. Despite a sound system that could have better covered the sides of the stage, it offered a great place to let out. Above all, it is surrounded by multi-colored flags. They did their bit. Unanimously, theEden covering all other scenes. It is sometimes a place of joy when November Ultra grabs his guitar, sometimes a forbidden fruit when the climbing virgin gets behind the decks. Placed at the very back of the festival, its red roof lets out the last rays of the sun and offers a beautiful sunset. small within, this scene is pasted in the actors’ dressing room. So we witnessed some memorable scenes. On the first night, Shygirl started the festivities. In the middle of the room, a small group had gathered, but they weren’t dancing. This is to take a picture with Rone, who toasts his cigarette to the music before his appearance on stage at 10 pm

The Secret Station and the oasis is the scene of a lot of entertainment, as they offer activities for festival-goers before the concerts begin. They also welcome the Parisian collective La Darude, for opening and closing on Sunday. Their DJ-set made the public happy. And at the same time, their positive energy is so communicative that the show can only be successful.

Maroilles, karaoke and sirtakis

One of the secrets of this festival lies in its audience. Northerners know how to have fun! The whole town of Aulnoye is mobilized for the event: a small stage is placed in a passage so that the party never stops. We see young and old alike with flower necklaces, holding each other’s shoulders from 3 pm. We understood immediately – in the dark circles of some – that their night was over. For others, it’s the party that (re)starts. Kara-okay is a memorable moment of the day on Saturday. The festival goers played the game perfectly and turned out to be excellent performers.

In short, the people of the north are full of energy and no trouble. They are the only ones capable of launching a peña on the cover of “The Age of love”, an unconditional trance piece surprisingly remixed by Charlotte de Witte. A woman dressed in fluorescent neon led the dance. In the frenetic chorus “Come dance with me”, about thirty brave men jumped with the full weight of their companions to join the paquito. These ch’tis are really crazy.

Of those dj which surprised us

The programming of dj already made our mouths water. But the triad: Rone, Jamie XX and NTO exceeded our expectations. Thanks to their unique play, they managed to give us chills, summoning all our senses with successful games of light and smoke.

Friday night, Rone warmed up the room starting with his hit, “Bye bye Macadam”. Heads are spinning. Taking to the stage with his turntables, he perfectly holds the role of conductor guiding his audience in their dance. The games of mirrors perfectly match the movements of people who, at this time, only ask to join the stars.

Jamie xx replaces the chromatic universe on the cover ofIn Color. We are in his universe, projectors of all colors drive his pieces and seem to carry them to the other end of the festival. Special dedication to the track that opens his album, “Gosh”. He managed to keep us in suspense for more than 10 minutes, bringing the contrasts and coloring of this cult piece.

sunday night, NTO closes this wonderful cycle by taking us to the bottom of the sea. Dressed in all black, she blends her decor to become one with her music. Directed by Jordan Magnée, the scenography uses the visuals of his album Apnea and succeeded in submerging our heads under water for more than an hour. Each track has its own visual identity while always keeping the same guideline: geometric shapes.

Next to me, an old man nervously tapped his cup against his leg, a sign of approval from an artist he didn’t know. Successful bet for this dj who managed to seduce all the generations present in Nuits Secrètes.

Animals on stage

Of the 14 artists who will participate on the big stage, only four are women. Far from wanting to throw a stone at Nuits Secrètes, whose merits we have already praised in terms of equality, but it is difficult to find. Although the artists selected by the festival offer us unforgettable performances, each one has their own marked universe. In short, animals on stage, ready to roar to the delight of festival goers.

Izïa literally took over the stage. He connects sounds with dizzying ease, drawing from his 5 albums. His energy was overflowing, he couldn’t stop running from right to left on the stage, as if he didn’t want to make anyone jealous. A shiver ran down our spines when he began “Too fast”, a song that revealed the vagaries of his oversensitivity. “From laughing to crying in no time”, this is a little bit of what the singer did this Friday night. Afterwards, he announced that it was his first time on Secret Nights before adding, with a grin, “The first times are always the most exciting”.

Mara was definitely crowned the queen of the festival. Her performance is a delicious mix of provocation masking a perfectly cute shyness. The Virgin Mary acts as the Virgin Mara with bling-bling, dancehall and sly femininity. Black leather mini-skirt, leopard thigh-high boots: Mara plays with the codes of femininity to change the sexy attitude!

In a completely different style but just as strong, Mansfield.TYA launches Sunday concerts. As they like to say, their live is “a modern ceremony” where the priestesses wear black, of course. Rebeka Warrior and Carla Pallone gave us a great performance, despite many technical difficulties: the “beg for heat”, the sun that blinded them, the sound card that burned. a”she’s so sexy” fuse. It is true that Rebeka Warrior has an unparalleled presence. So, when he asked the crowd to step aside for the pogo, it did so without flinching.

Finally, the apotheosis was achieved by one of our “loved ones”: Juliette Armanet. “You know, I traveled 15 hours to see you”. And what a journey! In order to arrive on time, he rode a motorcycle and headed to Aulnoye. Holy Juju. He oscillates between his slows and his groovy pieces where it is impossible not to dance. Sad irony of fate: “His heartache gave us a beautiful album” perfectly sums up our antenna director, Antoine Dabrowski.

In short, female artists have electrified our nights. Each in their own way, they draw the outlines of a manifesto of what it is to be a woman and give a concrete answer to the question we raised in our last print issue: what does it mean to be an artist in 2022?

Best time: When we were showered with bank notes with Mara’s image on them

Worst time: When we went away from getting Rebeka Warrior’s water bottle

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