Iron Throne is perfect for starting small games

King Robert had just died. Which of his many claimants to the crown will take the throne? It is up to you to determine Game of Thrones Miniature Gameour board game of the week.

The capture of Lord Eddard and the death of King Robert caused chaos throughout the kingdom. Five “kings” claimed succession, supported by their armies. Which of them will you support? And who will you fight?

Game of Thrones Miniature Game an epic war game, based on the work of George RR Martin… with minifigures (yes!). Mainly designed for two players, it is also possible to play as a team.

Before playing, opponents choose a game mode and the size of their armies. The size of your army depends on the miniatures you have available, and defines the duration of the game and the number of victory points that can be achieved. The game modes are ten in number, each with their specifics: control objectives, siege of a castle, secret missions, etc.

Some Stark units. // Source: CMON

Once set up, the game can begin. A game turn is very simple, because it consists of activating one of your units that has not been activated in this phase, then it is your opponent’s, and so on.

There are two types of units: combat units and non-combat units. The first (infantry, cavalry, monsters and war machines) are those that occupy the battlefield. By activating it, they can perform one of five possible actions: “Maneuver”, “March”, “Retreat”, “Attack” and “Charge”. No need to go into details, their name is evocative. They allow you to move your units more or less freely depending on the situation, and attack the enemy, from a distance or in hand-to-hand combat, using dice for resolution.

One of the game’s originalities comes from the way the units are represented. Apart from the unique warriors, monsters and war machines, which are represented by only one miniature, the rest are placed on the boards. Up to twelve infantry or four cavalry figures. When their ranks are completely depleted the units are destroyed.

Non-combat units (imagine Cersei Lannister or Sansa Stark) have only one possible action: place themselves on an empty space on the strategy board, to trigger the corresponding effect (heal the troops, drawing tactical cards, allowing a combat unit to move for one second. time, etc.).

Game of Thrones Miniature Game
A Lannister army, with time and skill. // Source: Mike Dunlop

Add to that army generals, tests of morale and panic, lines of sight, ranks, special units that give additional abilities to your troops, etc.

The game ends in different ways. Either a player reaches a number of victory points determined by the size of the game, in which case he wins, or if a player has no more combat units, in which case he loses. And, in the worst case, a game ends after the sixth round (which prevents it from being deadlocked), and the player with the most victory points wins.

Why Play a Miniature Game Iron Throne ?

Despite a fairly substantial rulebook (about thirty pages), Game of Thrones Miniature Game undoubtedly one of the most accessible small games on the market. The five possible actions for the combat units are easy to understand, and the rest is to integrate some more advanced ideas, made in your first games.

It may be longer than the duration indicated: count 90 to 120 minutes for your first game, time to return to the rules, check this or that point, etc. The following goes decrescendo, which will finally arrive until the appointed time. Obviously, this also depends on the size of your armies. The bigger they are, the longer the sleeves.

Game of Thrones Miniature Game
Two basic boxes among the existing seven. // Source: CMON

The game is really designed for beginners in this category of games, because the box contains everything you need to play: figurines in abundance, of course, many enough to build an army worthy of the name, but also some decorative elements used in some game modes, many types of units, mission cards, tactical cards, dice, pawns, a ruler to measure movement, etc. yet. Each basic box, among the seven available, is self-sufficient. However, one is required per player. On our side, we play with the Lannister and Stark boxes, a classic confrontation.

Especially since the game is very followed by the publisher. This is obviously a good thing, but the temptation is then to greatly increase his army, to diversify his units, by buying expansion boxes, which will further burden his budget. And there are already dozens!

Despite the cheap aspect of the game, it remains rich and complete, and good strategists have an advantage over their opponents. The randomness of the dice in battles brings a bit of uncertainty.

Game of Thrones Miniature Game
Source: CMON

Unlike many other games of this type, no assembly is required, the miniatures, very successful, are ready to use. Naturally, if you have some painting skills, and time in front of you, you can obviously paint your armies, the result is guaranteed, and the mass effect on the battlefield adds to the epic aspect of the game. In any case, the miniatures of each faction are made of a plastic of different colors, which makes them easy to distinguish during a game. The beautiful illustrations are not to be missed, and we recognize the various protagonists well. The game is based on the novels, we don’t have the rights to the pictures from the series (preferably).

Game of Thrones Miniature Game, definitely the best game for anyone who wants to enter a small game: complete boxes, ready to play, a stable and famous universe, accessible rules, but rich and tactical, a followed range, limited duration of the game, etc . However, it is not limited only to those who are new to the genre, and is equally suitable for experienced players thanks to its many qualities. Only the requested budget (confirmed inside the boxes) can be a brake. And you need a big table to play too, the future of the kingdom is at stake!

The verdict

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