“I made a child myself”: Elena dreamed of a child and got it without informing the parents

Elena chose to give birth and raise it alone. He told his story. (©Pixabay/Illustration.)

His story is reminiscent of Goldman’s song: “She has a child of her own”which is about a single mother, abandoned by her child’s parents.

We have it Lorraine, and, for Elena (first name changed), the calculation is different. A real electric battery, the young mother welcomed us in her living room, between her workplace and her child’s playground.

the young thirty, tall, dark and hot, wants a baby. And he got it. Not only, thanks to Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA) – which is not yet open to single women in 2020 – but in pairs, without informing their one night partner. Why? He confessed.

“I want to be a mother”

Elena loves women. He also likes when we keep suspense, when the couple sparks. A bit like him.

However, under this fiery nature hides a sweetness linked to strong desire for children.

“I want to be a mother, I always knew I wanted a child“, said the 30-something, sure of himself. Always, he means “always”. Since childhood, he saw himself as a mother.

“I also knew that I wanted to be alone,” he said. It was out of the question for her, independent and determined, to depend on a man.

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“I planned this baby, I planned it a thousand ways in my head”. Elena is organized, she is one of those who does not deviate from her agenda, she is never late for an appointment. Never.

“It finally happened without me thinking about it”

One night, when he received a friend of a friend at his house, he rented it to him. Even if a homosexual, the young woman will have sex with this man on this occasion.

“I’m lucky it was done quickly and without a condom,” he sighed, not appreciating the experience. It should be said that she started her sexuality with a boy around 16, back then back to the girls, and very quickly realizes where he wants to be.

“Finally, it happened without me thinking about it. I had no hope at that time to get pregnant, no calculation on my part, just happened in our time. And, in one go, just one, I had a little miracle! »

While for many years he tried to program this design, it was an unexpected event that gave him what he was asking for in all his thoughts.

Complicated beginnings

At first, the young mother bound the galleys with her son. The birth was not good, and was very traumatic for her: born prematurelythe small child is followed in his first months of life in a neonatal service.

Afterwards, baby colic punctuated their nights.

To complicate their task, the pandemic comes and the medical appointments must be managed only by Elena, so as not to take any risk regarding her child. No help, family or entourage, is possible.

“One day he will ask me, or another child will ask him about his father”

Softness is never appropriate in playgrounds. If his son is only two years old, he will grow up. And if he doesn’t ask himself about his origins, a partner. What will happen then?

“You can’t say that being a single mother is rare,” Elena replied. Currently, he no longer has a relationship with his child’s parents. And does not intend, moreover, not to change the contact in the future to inform him of his “paternity”.

However, I slowly prepared myself for the question [de ses origines] one day will come. And I don’t want to lie to my son, this relationship is way too precious to me. I will explain what it is. After all, if you look at the number of men who think they can decide what women should do with their bodies, whether or not to abort the baby (which there isn’t one this time ), those who run from their bodies. responsibilities once the child is born, or those who do not take full care of the home or administration… I do not think that my choice to raise my son alone is strange or disconnected that truth!

ElenaSingle mother

A truly irresistible logic.

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