Company | The question: how to protect your pets from high heat?

As the heat wave rages across France, all means are good to avoid suffering the wrath of the sun’s harmful rays. If humans are severely affected by the constant rise in temperature, this is also the case with pets. So how do you protect them from intense heat waves?

Keep your pet cool

To avoid exposing your pet to the dangers of the summer heat, it is necessary to keep it cool. The animal should spend its day inside the house or apartment. Otherwise, it is strongly advised to give him a small cozy corner in the shade, as much as possible. Do not hesitate to wet your animals. Sophie Dol, veterinarian at the Saint-Just clinic, insists “at the top of the legs“mainly for dogs, cats and rabbits. You can also put a towel soaked in water on their backs. The presence of many fans, it is better to put them high, not a refusal to ensure to the good health of your animals.

Another important point: water must be everywhere! It is important for the pet to stay hydrated in case of high heat. So the need to give him some water points. Try to change the water regularly. As for the inclusion of ice cubes, to maintain a certain freshness, this idea should be prohibited. According to Sophie Dol, “it can cause gastritis in the animal if the water is too cold, so room temperature water should be preferred“. Encourage your animals to hydrate regularly, especially cats, who are less thirsty than dogs for example.

Finally, cages for New Pets (Nac), such as snakes, hamsters or rats, should never be placed near windows. The shutters must remain closed, so that hot air does not enter the house.

Prioritize morning and evening outings

Although high temperatures probably have a harmful effect on the body of some pets, they also need to go outside to get fresh air, play and not sink into the boredom of a day spent indoors. . This is especially true for dogs. If there is a heat wave, favor the outing early in the morning and in the evening after 7 pm.

As you walk, be careful that your smoke companion does not move on the tarmac, which is often hot in the summer. Concrete exposed to sunlight can fluctuate between 55 and 80°C! Which is obviously very harmful for very sensitive dog pads. Use common sense: when the sun is at its peak, obviously don’t take your dog with you when you play.

Adjust the diet

Don’t hesitate to push your cats to drink more.Image MHC

Always with the aim of maintaining a certain freshness inside the body of your animals, take care of their food. If there is heat, serve wet food to your companions, like mash for example. Emphasize this point even if it is a cat. As we have seen, cats are usually reluctant to drink again and again. So it is strongly advised to serve them with appropriate food. “Diluting the cat’s kibble with water may be appropriate“still according to Sophie Dol. For herbivores and other omnivores, you can sometimes serve them fruits and vegetables full of water: cucumbers, watermelons or melons in particular.

Another detail, which becomes important: it is important not to feed your animals in hot weather. In fact, the digestion process raises the body temperature, and therefore can cause heatstroke in your pet.

Do not leave your pet in your car

This advice may seem obvious, but many accidents still have to be sad: you should never leave your pet in your car. And this is even if the car is in the shade, and its windows are open. If so, your pet will easily suffocate and die within an hour. The same goes for the garage, and for the terrace to the rabbits.

When you ride, give the air conditioning a go, always with the aim of preventing your companion from having a heat stroke. If possible, try “get plenty of rest“, as advised by Sophie Dol. If you feel your pet panting, that he has difficulty breathing and if you see that he has started to vomit, pass a wet cloth over his skin and give him a drink immediately. To avoid even the slightest risk. , take your pet to the vet without delay.

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