Become a real estate owner in the metaverse

Accelerate the acquisition of virtual real estate properties

Metaverse Real Estate works to facilitate the acquisition of virtual properties, in almost the same model as traditional real estate agencies, with the difference that the company only operates in the metaverse. Thanks to a set of services designed for virtual real estate, Metaverse Real Estate supports its customers in the purchase of objects on the Web3. Services provided by agents who are experts in real estate, blockchain and NFT (non-fungible tokens).

In addition to real estate acquisition, Metaverse Real Estate provides many other metaverse-related services to its clients, including real estate development, metaverse district development, and more. related services:

  • Buy and sell virtual land through the metaverse;
  • Development of virtual land;
  • Expert-level consulting for all major metaverses;
  • Find a rental in the metaverse to meet all needs;
  • Managing the rental of existing real estate;
  • Market and advertise your business in the metaverse.

If a client wants to buy a virtual property in the metaverse, all they have to do is consult the project that suits them, find the offer that best meets their investment criteria and manage the purchase steps. In terms of sales, Metaverse Real Estate takes care of property valuation, but also advertising and market sales, and accompanies you step by step until the end of the transaction. Finally, Metaverse Real Estate also offers virtual real estate consulting services. Through meaningful market analysis, the company can help you set and achieve your personal goals, unlocking the full potential of your property.

Metaverse real estate, a booming market

Adidas, Gucci, Carrefour, Axa… today, the biggest brands in the world exist in various metaverses that exist. It is not at all surprising, the real estate of the metaverse is interesting, in the sense that it is expected to take the place of social networks in the not so distant future as we thought after the announcement of the change of name of Facebook to Meta by Mark Zuckerberg.

Companies, personalities, celebrities… all seek to position themselves in these virtual spaces, especially by investing in real estate. Although the idea of ​​spending large sums of money (up to several million euros) to get the virtual land may seem crazy, we cannot forget the fact that the metaverse is the next revolution. digital. As such, they are now attracting well-known investors, chief among them the consultancy firm Price Waterhouse Coopers, one of the latest to join The Sandbox, one of the platforms used by Metaverse real estate. Although the amount of the transaction was not disclosed, many experts in the field believe that it is substantial. Another example that proves the rise of virtual real estate: the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg, who recently sold land in Snoopverse, the virtual world he developed in The Sandbox, for a tidy sum of 450,000 dollars.

Decentraland and The Sandbox, platforms of choice for Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse Immobilier is mainly linked to Decentraland and The Sandbox, two metaverses that, together with Somnium and Cryptovoxels, monopolize around 270,000 lots, with an estimated sales volume of more than 455 million euros in 2021 .That being said, it is the Sandbox platform that stands out, accounting for almost 60% of the market share. A craze with a price, because the prices of this metaverse are multiplied by almost 300 between 2019 and 2022. Fortunately, the returns follow …

Beyond the expected return, above all the amount of available land explains the constant increase in real estate prices in the metaverse. If The Sandbox has 160,000 designs available, Decentraland offers “only” 90,000. There is also another important factor that justifies the current prices: the growth of the metaverse market! Estimated at around $50 billion in 2020, it may increase to around $830 billion by 2028, a multiplication of more than 16 in just 8 years.

In addition, virtual real estate responds to the same canons of “real” land, especially in terms of the correlation that exists between prices and residential areas. Just like in “real” life, this has a direct effect on prices. The price is also influenced by the “quality” of the neighbors. For example, while the average price for a plot of land in The Sandbox is about $11,000, prices jump to over $400,000 for the land next to Snoop Dogg’s virtual space!

Share in the new world that is emerging

This is the whole purpose of Metaverse Real Estate: to help its clients position themselves in the “nascent” world of metaverses. A world that is not strictly speaking its infancy, but whose growth potential remains considerable. Remember, at the risk of repeating ourselves, that the market is expected to exceed the 800 billion dollar mark in 2028.

Especially since the market takes advantage of an economic concept known as “scarcity value”, which helps to ensure the value of virtual land by limiting the available supply. Remember again that Decentraland, one of the great metaverses of real estate, has 90,000 15.5m by 15.5m lots. Unsurprisingly, the scarcity of available plots drives the value of virtual land upwards, as evidenced by the large number of transactions made in the metaverse. For example, a digital real estate investment fund spent a tidy sum of $900,000 to buy land in Decentraland in June 2021, one of the most expensive NFT acquisitions in the history of this metaverse. But that does not count the 2.4 million dollars paid for the purchase of 116 plots of land in the same metaverse.

Towards a fully functional economy in the metaverse

Why buy virtual real estate in the metaverse? The question is worth asking … If the concept seems absurd (after all, why buy a virtual property when you can pay the same amount to enjoy a physical property?!), it is not. does he remain less promising, proof of this is the enthusiasm of global brands, but also of individuals, for this type of acquisition, often in record amounts.

So why do individuals and brands buy into metaverses designs? Beyond financial incentives, the purchase of a virtual property is equivalent to providing a “pied-à-terre” in a fully functional economic space to create. In addition, it offers you many possibilities… And then we remember that the same wind of uncertainty and doubt blew the potential of the web, then of social networks… Today, experts believe that The metaverse is the next technological revolution in motion. A revolution that will take the form of an autonomous and functional economy in the medium term, with the same importance in our daily lives as social networks.

And it is for these reasons that Metaverse Real Estate is quickly positioning itself in this market with great potential. Goal: to help you get the most out of it, now!