A woman takes care of abandoned animals that no one wants, regardless of their species

Adri Rachelle, the founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, opens her heart and her home to pets and abandoned animals that no one wants, regardless of their species. This woman collected about 200 animals; he spends thousands of dollars every year to keep all his animals healthy and happy.

Adri is fully committed to help many animals left as much as possible. He has a great love for animals, and always makes sure that everything in the sanctuary is taken care of in a timely manner. In order to continue each month, he is willing to make many sacrifices to ensure their well-being.

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The amount of work he does every day to keep all his abandoned animals safe is truly amazing.

A woman takes care of abandoned animals that no one else wants

Not everyone is ready to give so much of themselves, especially with limited funds. All his work is actually covered by his own financial means and this makes his work more admirable. Adri founded Wild Things Sanctuary after years of rescuing countless animals in desperate need of help.

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Adri told Bored Panda:

“It became clear to me that this is not a hobby, this is the story of my life since my childhood and I want to officially choose this as the main focus of my life. »

While there’s no doubt that Adri’s job of caring for abandoned animals is a huge challenge, she’s likely to see everything. in a very happy way ; he never sees it as work, it’s something that comes from his being because of the great love he feels for each of his survivors.

Although taking care of the farm takes up every minute of his time, 7 days a week, with no vacation time, he says he wouldn’t change a thing and he loves every minute of it. spend on his animals.

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Adrian added:

“Injured and distressed animals seem to cross my path all the time and knowing that I offer them a safe place to heal gives my life purpose. This reward far outweighs all the time, money and grief an animal sanctuary can bring. »

The founder of the sanctuary says that receiving affection from his animals fills him with love throughout the day. He gave them little more than satisfying their basic needs like food, water, cleaning the place.

If it was just a mechanical thing, he could be done in a few hours and occupy his time with other tasks, but for Adri, the time spent with the animals is the most valuable thing. Regarding the financial aspect of the sanctuary, Adri says that the maintenance costs are extremely high.

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He said:

“Now the cost of operation, starting up and having the task of building permanent structures and fences etc. is huge. Being a newer sanctuary also means that we are not established enough for people to give many donations. »

Adri explained in detail the costs he would pay for the bills for food, veterinary care and materials. to build the farm. He devoted himself entirely to rescuing abandoned animals, even selling his truck to save a herd of cows headed for slaughter.

Adrian explained:

“The food bill averages $1,300 per month. Veterinary care varies, but each year we usually budget about $10,000. Installing the sanctuary last year cost about $50,000 in materials. »

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The woman explains the difference between her sanctuary and the many others that exist, the difference is clear; is not open to the public, which means that the area loses a potential source of income which of course helps greatly in caring for the animals.

Adri considered that the passage constant number of strangers arriving Visiting animals can be very stressful for them, some are recovering, old or sick and some are shy or have gone through severe traumatic situations.

Adri’s tireless work to ensure the safety of so many abandoned animals shows that there are still people who help make this world a better place for their fellow creatures.

© Facebook/ Adri Rachelle

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