Thanks to the Royal Vision, Rabat and Madrid continue on the path of a new relationship

The royal diplomacy, the basis of the dynamic that now characterizes the relations between Rabat and Madrid, has given more strength to the position of the Kingdom, which has always been characterized by clarity and balance, especially in the current international situation.

Thanks to the royal, agile, balanced and forward-looking diplomatic vision, Morocco and Spain, aware of the strategic importance of the relations that unite them and the legitimate aspirations of their two peoples for peace, security and prosperity, showing an unfailing determination. to overcome difficulties and build an ideal relationship that looks to the future. Neighbors, united by their geographical location and their geopolitical, economic and security interests, Rabat and Madrid are now developing on the royal road.

Responding in a common way to current challenges, but also guaranteeing a prosperous future for two friendly peoples is the basis of the new phase inaugurated between Rabat and Madrid, neighbors with many potential for improvement and who is always working to provide more. support and complementary dimension to their cooperation, especially in times of difficulty.

In this sense, the two countries have been working together, since the visit of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, to Morocco in April, to concretize their sustainable and ambitious road map.

The visit, made at the invitation of the King, is an important opportunity to consolidate this roadmap and determine priorities for the next High Level Meeting (HLM) to be held before the end of the current year.

“The government is firmly determined to open a new phase of relations between the two countries, with a clear and ambitious roadmap”, said Mr. Sanchez, assured that for Spain, Morocco is ”a neighbor and an indispensable strategic partner.

According to him, throughout history, the two countries have established human relations, agreements and relations that have created common interests.

For this, the two countries are working on topics of mutual interest based on transparency and trust. Concretely, Rabat and Madrid were able to restore the complete normalization of the movement of people and goods on land and sea level and resumed Operation Marhaba, which was suspended for two years due to health restrictions linked to Covid-19.

Similarly, the various bilateral working groups, especially those responsible for migration, were reactivated and held regular meetings to achieve concrete progress.

Aware of their role in the fight against illegal immigration and the importance of their humanist, global and balanced approach, Morocco and Spain are promoting their coordination within the framework of their respective presidency of the Rabat process, at a time when 2022-2023.

Responding to this rapid dynamic, economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries is gaining momentum. The same for energy cooperation, which is showing unprecedented levels. The best example is the use of gas infrastructure by Spanish operators and the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline to transport liquefied natural gas bought on the international market in Morocco.

To crown this unprecedented process of bilateral relations, Morocco and Spain will begin discussions to update the 1991 Treaty of Good Neighbourhood, Friendship and Cooperation, based on the principles, parameters and priorities that will guide their relationship for years to come. A relationship based on a good foundation, ambitious and mutually beneficial.

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