Love Festival, the loud dance that takes place for Pride

From August 4 to 7, you should drink your vitamin C, glucosamine and energy drinks to prepare for the Love Festival. Four parties in all were honored this year. With internationally renowned DJs and guest artists to entertain you and push you into a sometimes magical universe, where the music of some of the best DJs from here and abroad will take you to in the Eden of Circuit Parties, finally back after the pandemic. Sexy podium dancers, themed sets, elaborate lighting, etc., there is something for everyone during this most festive Pride weekend.

“The last time there was Love Festival was in 2019. So we didn’t have two years because of the coronavirus. But here we are back and we put the package this year because we feel that people are ready to come out after being stuck in their houses for two years. We are partnering with Montreal Pride for this whole week of parties,” enthuses Pascal Lefebvre, spokesperson for District Events, which organizes this festival. The Love Festival is also partnering with PRISM parties in Toronto.

Opening on Thursday, August 4, the Oz party presented by Glitter Productions features the excellent DJ Kev J (Montreal) and Henrique Viana (Brazil), who will start this week in style. Imagine going to the famous “Yellow Brick Road” and its colorful characters… You can also go there in disguise. Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 drag performers Adriana The Bombshell and LaDragOnFly will perform well that night. From 10pm to 3am at the Newspeak club, on rue Sainte-Élisabeth, a stone’s throw from the Village.

Locker Room
The 3rd edition of the Locker Room party will once again occupy Bain Mathieu on Friday, August 5, from 10 pm to 3 am. Fans of sportswear, jockstraps, wrestling shirts, and more, this party is definitely for you! To set the mood, we recruited the friendly DJs Chris Mortagua (Montreal), as the opening act, and Karsten Sollors from Chicago. “Karsten studied in Montreal, he knows the city very well and he likes to play here, he has already performed in Parking time”, explains Pascal Lefebvre. “The No. 1 international porn star in the world, Cade Maddox, was there. People really like it and will never forget it. It’s one of those parties that we tear up the tickets for, it’s so popular with the community. But we will keep some tickets at the door on the same night. »

Party District + Dad Pride Edition
The next day (from 10pm to 3am), head over to MTELUS for a wild night! On Saturday, August 6, at the Party District + Papa Edition Pride. This is the largest Party District of the year. “We have two rooms here, one with international DJs and the other, M2 Montreal, where local talent will be shown with Paskal Daze and Alain Jackinsky,” revealed Pascal Lefebvre. “Also, we joined Papa’s famous parties. It’s a big production, with sets, podium dancers, gifts, and more. A big, big Pride party. »

DJ Suri

You must prepare to move, sing your hips, to surpass yourself on the dance floor because, for the big hall, we have recruited high-calibre DJs with chaotic, hypnotic and energetic rhythms. First there is Alex Lo (Miami), resident of Partys Papa international tour, DJ Suri or real name Juan Manuel Surian Garrido (Spain), who is also part of Papa tours. As if all that wasn’t enough, singer Beth Sacks was invited to perform. Accustomed to Circuit Parties, Beth Sacks has collaborated with DJ Aron since 2012 to create melodies that have become real house anthems at major parties and Pride events around the world, from Tel Aviv to Washington or Miami by way of Mykonos, the activities of the WE Party. in Madrid and London or even The Week in Brazil. In short, it will take your breath away, take it for granted!

You need to keep your energy for REVIVAL, the closing party of the Love Festival, on Sunday August 7 from 10 pm to 3 am at MTELUS, whose theme is “An adventure under the sea”! After a stunning finale recently at PRISM in Toronto, this organization will give us the same quality of the big production in Montreal. With international DJs Micky Friedman (Germany) and Las Bibas From Vizcaya (Brazil). Here, the famous international drag Sofonda Cox is brought in to amaze the audience even more. Sunny Fung and Jeff Christensen signed the beautiful costumes, while the beautiful sets were created by Miami’s stalwart 3DXINC. All under the artistic direction of Gairy Brown. “But be careful, there’s a surprise DJ whose name we can’t reveal yet,” said Pascal Lefebvre with a smile.

“This year, we have many partners for this Love Festival, including Montreal Pride. It is important that everyone works together to make a change, to bring tourists back to Montreal, to have a rebirth after these two years of pandemic. We hope that people and tourists will be there. This is good for the community and for the Village,” explained Pascal Lefebvre.

After the weekend of the Love Festival, the next edition of Party District will take place during Black & Blue on Saturday October 8, and Club Soda is reserved for this purpose. At the end of the year, the final District of 2022 will also take place at Club Soda on December 16, before Christmas. “We will see what happens this year to plan the party schedule for next year,” continued Pascal Lefebvre. “We are limited to four events this year. We are confident that everything will be fine and we especially hope that there are no new variants that force everyone to close like last year. […]»

• • •

On the Normandy side, there will be a Pride Tea Dance, in the afternoon of Sunday August 7, with DJ David Laguer. As for the traditional roasted corn, it will be held on September 4. “We are happy, the clients return to Normandy, we always have groups that book in advance for karaoke and, for the summer, we have two beautiful terrace”, recalls Pascal Lefebvre, also the owner of this bar. . “It’s almost back to the same level as it was before the pandemic. People are happy to get out and have fun again. It’s good for everyone.” 6

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