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The spectacle takes place at the end of April, in the district of Fontaines, in Lannion, then two weeks later, in Ker-Uhel. Residents who found themselves under their building, were pushed aside by their dogs. Young and old, short-haired or long-haired, the animals are invited to have fun in a caniparc, a vast grassy area dedicated to them. Their masters exchanged words, talking about the rain and the good weather. Behind those meetings, the city wants to make life easier for dog owners.

Lannion, Saturday April 30. Gwenn Le Meur, educator and dog behaviorist, came to meet the residents of the Fontaines district of Lannion and gave advice around the caniparc that was created here a few years ago. (The Telegram/Jérôme Bouin)

Initially, a diagnosis was made in 2017 by the Régie de Quartiers with the social landlord Terres d’Armor residence, faced with complaints from local residents about the disturbance caused of our four-legged friends. “Dogs bring out passions in discussions between residents, explains François Doudet, sustainable development and social link manager of the Régie. But, for the most part, they don’t have a dog. We want to see if how to improve things by going to see what the owners are going through. By mobilizing the management agents who work in these districts, the caretakers of the buildings. Then by conducting interviews, about thirty, with the owners.

A canipark born almost by chance

In Ker-Uhel, it is first a question of including a very large space, at the foot of a building, where the dogs can evolve, under the eyes of their masters, but also others residents of the district. The bet for the first won. Problem: some residents have left the area. Hence the idea of ​​reducing its influence. “It is the field work that inspires reflection”, supports François Doudet. Since then, another caniparc has been created in Les Fontaines. Another follower of Ar Santé. And discussions continue at Pen ar Ru.

Mateo and Jana, a photo from the exhibition
Mateo and Jana, a photo from the exhibition “My neighborhood has a dog! », often seen on the walls of the buildings of the Terres d’Armor residence, in the Ker-Uhel district of Lannion. (François Doudet, Lannion district administration)

Exciting and funny photos against drops

There is also a poster campaign to raise awareness of waste collection. “Evocative and funny photos”, explains Alexandra Kerdudo, who heads the Lannion agency at Terres d’Armor Habitat. We saw one kid in particular, enjoying the grass growth, before falling on… a turd! The lessor costs the bags available to the users.

In Ker-Uhel, the exhibition “My neighborhood has a dog” decorates the buildings: residents pose there with their pets. Finally, in the spring, a dog trainer and the Lannion dog sport were invited. Many actions are carried out thanks to the funding linked to the status of these priority neighborhoods in the urban policy.

Soon mediation courses?

Living with dogs “is sometimes difficult, acknowledges Françoise Le Men, deputy in charge of city policy. But it is part of the social bond. For some, this is the only vector. And the fight against loneliness is also part of the contract of the city”. “Starting from a seemingly harmless topic, we were able to make a connection,” agreed Anaïs Alasseur, local development project manager for the city. Caniparks themselves are an opportunity for an educational project. Others will follow to make it possible to equip caniparcs with apparatus, in the manner of agility competitions.

The following? Why not facilitate easy access to mediation courses for some families who have difficulty controlling their animals. Because yes, “a dog binds”, remembers Alexandra Kerdudo.

The lessor does not prohibit animals. But its internal regulations invite the occupants to adapt their number to the size of the accommodation. A recommendation that is not always followed by effect.

A photo from the exhibition
A photo from the exhibition “My neighborhood has a dog! », often seen on the walls of buildings in the Terres d’Armor residence, in the Ker Uhel district of Lannion. (François Doudet/Lannion District Authority)

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