Why “Love Actually” is the cult film of an entire generation

This is a film that we want to watch again every year, at the same time. Love Actually is one of the unforgettable comedies on the big screen, which, more than a decade after their release, still hasn’t aged. The comedians continue their role this Friday, March 24 in a very short sequel made for Red Nose Day, the British Telethon.

The opportunity for a whole generation of fans to see the Prime Minister played by Hugh Grant, the lonely writer played by Colin Firth or the young bride Keira Knightley. The romantic comedy managed to talk about love differently, he knew a mixture of humor and emotion to establish itself permanently in the hearts of cinephiles. Upon its release, Richard Curtis’ feature film became a cult film for an entire generation thanks to a well-dosed recipe.

A choral film

Love Actually does not take the codes of the classic romantic comedy by focusing only on a couple, consisting of a man and a woman. By making many schemes, Richard Curtis realized a choral film that moves away from grand romantic standards it seems to be a cult Beautiful Woman, When Harry met Sally or his own feature film Love at first sight in Notting Hill.

In his comedy, the director Richard Curtis created thirteen love stories, more or less long, more or less essential to the plot. A key figure that allows the film to continue the crossovers between different charactersthe different situations and the different places, which do not run out of steam.

By multiplying characters and love stories, Richard Curtis signed a film that speaks volumes. We are very far from a classic romantic comedy where the protagonists live in a complicated love. on Love Actuallyromances are simple, so everyone can identify with one of the situations.

The filmmaker shows us a love trio (between Juliet, Peter and Mark), a businessman seduced by his secretary, a lonely writer cheated on by his girlfriend, struggling to find love again after losing the one he loves… the feelings between two pre-teensRichard Curtis does not hold back the love of an adult subject and takes advantage of the opportunity to interact with parents.

Great actors

In 2003, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were already big stars after their roles in romantic comedies. The first was revealed by Four Weddings and a Funeral while the second is the eternal Darcy from the miniseries Pride and Prejudice from 1995. After movies like The diary of Bridget Jones and Love at first sight in Notting Hillthey no longer have to prove their ideal in-laws.

In “Love Actually”, Colin Firth is a writer who is cheated on by his girlfriend

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The artists chosen by Richard Curtis are the same sure values ​​of the seventh art. Keira Knightley was discovered by the general public in movies Play it like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean. Emma Thompson is already a great British actress in her roles Reason and Feeling by Ang Lee and the Maybe Baby by Ben Elton, while Laura Linney played alongside Jim Carrey in the The Truman Show.

A mix of humor and emotion

Richard Curtis manages to make all his characters charming. None of them were really unfriendly and even Mark, madly in love with his best friend’s wifesucceeded in moving us through the famous scene of signs.

These emotional moments are the film’s strength, but it’s also the humor that makes it a classic of the genre. While one might expect a bloody plot full of good feelings, the film balances the heavy sequences with a bit of enthusiasm. Although thanks to the couple formed Jack and Judy, light doubles for a pornographic film, or the cynicism of Bill Nighy, humor comes to give a breath of fresh air in the heavier moments of the film . It is this mix of genres that makes Love Actually a romantic comedy appreciated by those who are less fond of the genre.

or Love Actually has established itself as a cult film from the beginning of the 21st century, it is also through the atmosphere that comes from it. The plot begins five weeks before Christmas and immerses us in the joy that precedes the end of the year celebrations. With its shots of snowy London, adorned with its bright decorations, the movie makes you want hot chocolate and a fluffy duvet. An atmosphere that no romantic comedy has been able to reproduce until now.

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